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A staple for the spring/summer rotation. Fizzy, bright, citrus, sweet herbs, ambergris and musks (that seem to work similar in fashion to Tonic Vert, C-03, Aventus ....except this scent isn’t closely associated to either of these 3 and stands on its own.) There is an underlying astringent sweet carbonation here some say is reminiscent of cola and I can definitely see that..Fun fact: Estroverso means outgoing in Italian

There is a piercing cool crispness here that is downright addicting. Tsuki (Moon) has a bit of everything: chilly, minty, sweet, gin-like, spicy-fresh, herbal, fruity, citrusy, green, with the patchouli adding a touch of mysterious dark depth. Unique and captivating. Moderate projection and longevity. Gorgeous.

Oud du Futur III is an exceptional & masterfully blended citrus/rose/oud that deserves much praise. Summary: For a fragrance that is centered around Indian Oud, this is surprisingly fresh, and bursting with intensely fragrant florals, rich-robust citruses that do feel reddish-orange, zesty, & twangy. The base which consists of oud/vanilla/amber provides a deeply soft lightly sweet trail. The citrus continues to impress and shines throughout the entire dry down leaving a scent trail best described as tart, dry, cool, fresh, deep, soft-spicy, woody, and sweet.

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I associate this scent with the essential oils diffused into the air during massage therapy. It has tranquil aroma-therapy-like qualities. A touch of pungent sour-like citrus freshens the scent, especially in the opening, but it is quickly dominated by cistus (incense-like, resinous), a very warm bouquet of spicy-fresh florals, all of which are anchored by Roja's signature opulent woods. The scent can be described as citrusy, resinous, warm, spicy-fresh floral, smooth, herbal, earthy, and peppery.

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Fresh, cool, rich-citrusy, very oily, musks emitting cleanly white-grey tones, long lasting, subtle and soft depth, not loud but definitely persistent, and unisex.

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Intensely warm, very rich, deep-woody, mildly-jammy, the rose has citrus like qualities, there is a touch of sweetness, with subtle spices, and it is smooth and persistent. This oil is very potent...with impressive longevity and sustainable projection. Lovely...


Tenacious and composed of highly concentrated dark and damp oils and absolutes...This scent is evocative of a deep dark forest. Crisp, prickly on the senses at first, with a strong mentholated-like mossy green opening which immediately leads into an abundance of earthy-dark-rich soil tincture. As the scent calms in the dry down phase, a strange animalic accord emerges. Things begin to go downhill (fast) from here. A slightly dirty animalic accord (reminiscent of a freshly manicured animal straight from the groomers) takes over meeting a smokey base accompanied by intense lavender oil. I cannot help but to think of the wafting scent of a flock of farm animals that were just shampooed in the barn. Aranyaka has good longevity and above-average projection. Personally, I was unable to ignore or overcome the “goat hair tincture” and found this accord ruined the scent for me. I also found a significant difference between testing this fragrance on paper and on the skin. Overall rating.....opens promising with a solid 9 and rapidly declines to a 6/10 as it begins to dry.

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I was already aware that this wouldn’t be a typical gourmand style Tonka and I am here to confirm that this is rue. When I first learned that Le Labo created a fragrance named Tonka 25, some fragrances immediately came to mind: Tonka Imperiale by Guerlain, Mugler Pure Tonka, Hermes Vetiver Tonka to name a few. This is nothing alike the aforementioned fragrances. I bought this fragrance blindly based on my obsession for this house (bottle #18) along with several reviews and opinions provided by some of the most trusted noses in the community. I've worn this 4x in the last week and wanted some real insight before posting a review. On initial spray, I’m detecting a clean-crispy white floral (orange blossom) with a mild citrusy hue and I am immediately reminded of the orange blossom in Neroli 36 and Fleur d' Oranger 25. This is fascinating to me for two reasons. One being that I have rarely found orange blossom to be an attractive floral when it is a prominent/dominant note in a fragrance and secondly, I have never liked Neroli 36 or Fleur d' Oranger 25. Within two to three minutes, the scent develops from a citrusy floral to a powdery, soft, smooth, clean musk and the transformation is impressive. As the scent continues to evolve, the vanilla +cedarwood+musk+tonka juxtaposition emerge creating an irresistible and subtle, dusty, nutty-like, quality. I cannot keep my nose off of my wrists at this point. Full disclosure: I have caught myself moving around to catch wafts of the fragrance throughout the day.... : ) ...... The fragrance is soft but tenacious and very comfortable to wear. The scent is long lasting. It is incredibly appealing in my opinion and I have received an unusual amount of compliments from family, friends, coworkers, and one stranger (today.) I've read some make a correlation between Tonka 25 and other scents in the Le Labo library and I can sort of relate: Vanilla 44 (dusty, musky, woody, dry), Another 13 (clean, crisp, musk), Neroli 36 (clean, bright, citrusy-florals.) All in all, Tonka 25 is a real pleasure to wear and I consider it to be a versatile scent that I can see myself wearing on a regular basis throughout the year.

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Incredibly strong & a perfect 10/10 rating across the boards. This doesn’t happen often. I really try not to toss around 10’s unless I am absolutely certain.
Warm, unisex, very alluring, with exotic woods and spices melded in such a velvety smooth and soft yet massive scent cloud. There is an underlying sweetness which isn’t cloying, coming from a very dry accord of vanilla. Fans of the original Oud Eau de Parfum will find this to be an even more addictive scent. Longevity.....?.....until you shower!

Manos Gerakinis Silver Oud has been long discontinued and Quintessence is the sequel to Silver Oud. Both are part of the Haute Parfums Collection (Along with the discontinued Gold Rose) and contain 100% pure silver flakes which, when atomized, spray a fine mist of silver. If you asked me to pick between the two, Quintessence would be my selection. It’s a superior scent overall. Mr. Gerakinis pays close attention to every little detail and if you get to know him, you’ll learn that he has a serious passion for perfection in all of his endeavors. Silver Oud & Quintessence are two totally different scents yet share some similarities in that both are fresh-spicy with a smooth-leathery (Saffron), luxurious feel, and both are accentuated by vanilla. Silver Oud has a more pronounced vanilla accord and it is much more peppery, thick, soft, sweet, and dry whereas with Quintessence, I find that it is a more cohesive blend, and neither note stands out over the other. Silver Oud retains that peppery vanilla infused rose throughout the entire dry down. In that regard, it leans on the linear side. I also find with Silver Oud, it I s more masculine. Personally, I think both are full bottle worthy fragrances with outstanding performance.

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