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Exotic, spicy and hot yet soft and delicate with a prominent cinnamon accord accompanied by a dark and sweet floral component. Everything is expertly blended on a base of fresh marine air. I envision a scene at night in a Victorian castle where several vintage dark red smoldering candles are throwing their rich scent with nearby open windows allowing the cooling sea air inside the room. Hauntingly beautiful, majestic, with a stunning presentation. Longevity, concentration, and projection are off the charts.

Striking, unique, addictive, fresh, crisp, smooth, slightly fruity, with a notable sharp clean and bright saffron/leathery accord. The scent evokes an image ahead of our times. Futuristic, if you will. Impressive and unisex. In terms of longevity, it’s an all day affair and projection is almost equally as close in comparison. My wife stole the bottle. She wears it too.

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I respect the effort here but I must be honest and straightforward. Being such a fan of rose based fragrances and attars, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing what I believe to be the highest quality rose scents on Mother Earth. This was simply disappointing and repulsive right from the get go. The first thing that came to mind was the scent of an elderly persons home, with a hint of a rose wafting in the dusty air, completely over taken by those little fiery “red hot” candies. It was nauseating and headache inducing. As strange as it sounds, the next thought that came to mind was a dritz-tomato pin cushion. That dusty-antique like scent that emanates from ....a grandmothers...house who knits on the side for a hobby. That little pin cushion that absorbs a lifetime of dust and strange smells. Miracle of Rose felt unapologetically amateur and as if it was a strange home-made experiment.

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Tabac 28:

Being a former connoisseur of fine cigars, I was immediately reminded of freshly rolled Cigar Tobacco (entering a walk-in humidor) but I’m getting tons of Cedarwood similar to the Cedarwood in The Noir 29 (definitely a hint of that scent, a slight resemblance), soft boozy accord (the inside of a booze soaked oak barrel), a slight sourness with a minty-camphor-spicy-slight smokey-sweet effect. There is a lot of green cardamom and that is totally attractive to my nose. I keep coming back to it...

The scent seems: Dark, earthy, coniferous green, with a piercing, spicy, crisp-freshness with very prominent Cedarwood that reminds me of some my Young Living 100% pure Cedarwood essential oil that I use for diffusing. There are aromatic qualities that I find therapeutic and relaxing here. A mild but recognizable incorporation of rum and tobacco. Enough to round off or wrap up the scent with soft sweetness in the base. *Sort of* like a safer Slumberhouse scent if that makes sense. If you love cardamom and/or cedarwood it would be hard to dislike this. Neither the tobacco or the rum is as pronounced as I had expected but nonetheless, I approve. I will likely order Tabac 28 (my 19th Le Labo) and enjoy it in cooler summer days & definitely in the fall/winter. I have not made up my mind entirely but keep coming back to this scent. I’m optimistically intrigued!
I would consider this a long lasting, persistent yet soft projecting scent (with 2-3 sprays from a sample.) I imagine the performance would improve with full sprays from a Le Labo bottle.

Otherworldly. Composed with the finest materials on Earth. A spicy-floral containing citrus-like qualities that mends perfectly with balsamic notes creating a warm, creamy-textured, mildly sweet and fresh-spicy barbershop-esque scent.
Incredibly strong and very long lasting. A few drops applied to the pulse points is suffice to achieve moderately strong projection and an all-day wearing. Unisex but undeniably leans in a masculine direction.

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A perfect wrap up to the summer and transition to fall with Bourbon V. (Vanilla.) Unconventional and not a full blown gourmand-ish scent (which I rarely can tolerate the dominant gourmands.) Containing equally blended tones of: faint (dry, thick vanilla) but never a cloying inspired sweetness which remains throughout the dry down matched perfectly with a subtle blend of high grade zesty citrus and (dark) fruit oils. In addition, there is a fresh and soft peppery-like spiciness wrapped in a gentle warmth. This is the best way I can describe it.

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Nọ 4 - Après l'Amour by Thomas Kosmala

I finally broke my 6 day binge from this captivating scent. @thomaskosmalaparfum you witty genius. A moment we can all relate to, captured in a scent so perfectly...sort of.
Reminiscent of the Le Labo ~cult favorite~ AnOther 13, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait, Escentric Molecule 02, and even the Japanese House J-Scent “Yawahada” yet uniquely, No. 4 stands on its own. An unbelievably strong and long lasting, high projecting, dry woody, salty-sweet ambroxan, which smells sterilized and crisp. No. 4 conjures thoughts of sun tanned heated skin, the swirling odor of humid tropical air (absent of coconut or lime), that sweet/sharp/fresh and distinctive ozonic aroma of electricity-charged air warning our senses of impending thunderstorms or an oncoming summer rain fast approaching,, hyper synthetic musks and amber (think grey) with a faint but recognizably tart (dry) lemony accord. It’s all there. An unusually obscure but addictive scent & one that I hold in high regard. Head turning for the unsuspecting. Transparent-grayish-and beige on the color spectrum and only versatile when worn lightly... Use extreme caution when applying. Perfect for any occasion, especially a 72 hour rave, when you need a scent to stick despite profuse sweating and outdoor activities. The trail seems endless and lingers long after you’ve been gone. A remarkably astounding 10/10* for a synthetic fiend like myself. Ambroxan fans take notice.

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A staple for the spring/summer rotation. Fizzy, bright, citrus, sweet herbs, ambergris and musks (that seem to work similar in fashion to Tonic Vert, C-03, Aventus ....except this scent isn’t closely associated to either of these 3 and stands on its own.) There is an underlying astringent sweet carbonation here some say is reminiscent of cola and I can definitely see that..Fun fact: Estroverso means outgoing in Italian

There is a piercing cool crispness here that is downright addicting. Tsuki (Moon) has a bit of everything: chilly, minty, sweet, gin-like, spicy-fresh, herbal, fruity, citrusy, green, with the patchouli adding a touch of mysterious dark depth. Unique and captivating. Moderate projection and longevity. Gorgeous.

Oud du Futur III is an exceptional & masterfully blended citrus/rose/oud that deserves much praise. Summary: For a fragrance that is centered around Indian Oud, this is surprisingly fresh, and bursting with intensely fragrant florals, rich-robust citruses that do feel reddish-orange, zesty, & twangy. The base which consists of oud/vanilla/amber provides a deeply soft lightly sweet trail. The citrus continues to impress and shines throughout the entire dry down leaving a scent trail best described as tart, dry, cool, fresh, deep, soft-spicy, woody, and sweet.

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