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Tabac 28:

Being a former connoisseur of fine cigars, I was immediately reminded of freshly rolled Cigar Tobacco (entering a walk-in humidor) but I’m getting tons of Cedarwood similar to the Cedarwood in The Noir 29 (definitely a hint of that scent, a slight resemblance), soft boozy accord (the inside of a booze soaked oak barrel), a slight sourness with a minty-camphor-spicy-slight smokey-sweet effect. There is a lot of green cardamom and that is totally attractive to my nose. I keep coming back to it...

The scent seems: Dark, earthy, coniferous green, with a piercing, spicy, crisp-freshness with very prominent Cedarwood that reminds me of some my Young Living 100% pure Cedarwood essential oil that I use for diffusing. There are aromatic qualities that I find therapeutic and relaxing here. A mild but recognizable incorporation of rum and tobacco. Enough to round off or wrap up the scent with soft sweetness in the base. *Sort of* like a safer Slumberhouse scent if that makes sense. If you love cardamom and/or cedarwood it would be hard to dislike this. Neither the tobacco or the rum is as pronounced as I had expected but nonetheless, I approve. I will likely order Tabac 28 (my 19th Le Labo) and enjoy it in cooler summer days & definitely in the fall/winter. I have not made up my mind entirely but keep coming back to this scent. I’m optimistically intrigued!
I would consider this a long lasting, persistent yet soft projecting scent (with 2-3 sprays from a sample.) I imagine the performance would improve with full sprays from a Le Labo bottle.

Otherworldly. Composed with the finest materials on Earth. A spicy-floral containing citrus-like qualities that mends perfectly with balsamic notes creating a warm, creamy-textured, mildly sweet and fresh-spicy barbershop-esque scent.
Incredibly strong and very long lasting. A few drops applied to the pulse points is suffice to achieve moderately strong projection and an all-day wearing. Unisex but undeniably leans in a masculine direction.

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A perfect wrap up to the summer and transition to fall with Bourbon V. (Vanilla.) Unconventional and not a full blown gourmand-ish scent (which I rarely can tolerate the dominant gourmands.) Containing equally blended tones of: faint (dry, thick vanilla) but never a cloying inspired sweetness which remains throughout the dry down matched perfectly with a subtle blend of high grade zesty citrus and (dark) fruit oils. In addition, there is a fresh and soft peppery-like spiciness wrapped in a gentle warmth. This is the best way I can describe it.

Nọ 4 - Après l'Amour by Thomas Kosmala

I finally broke my 6 day binge from this captivating scent. @thomaskosmalaparfum you witty genius. A moment we can all relate to, captured in a scent so perfectly...sort of.
Reminiscent of the Le Labo ~cult favorite~ AnOther 13, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait, Escentric Molecule 02, and even the Japanese House J-Scent “Yawahada” yet uniquely, No. 4 stands on its own. An unbelievably strong and long lasting, high projecting, dry woody, salty-sweet ambroxan, which smells sterilized and crisp. No. 4 conjures thoughts of sun tanned heated skin, the swirling odor of humid tropical air (absent of coconut or lime), that sweet/sharp/fresh and distinctive ozonic aroma of electricity-charged air warning our senses of impending thunderstorms or an oncoming summer rain fast approaching,, hyper synthetic musks and amber (think grey) with a faint but recognizably tart (dry) lemony accord. It’s all there. An unusually obscure but addictive scent & one that I hold in high regard. Head turning for the unsuspecting. Transparent-grayish-and beige on the color spectrum and only versatile when worn lightly... Use extreme caution when applying. Perfect for any occasion, especially a 72 hour rave, when you need a scent to stick despite profuse sweating and outdoor activities. The trail seems endless and lingers long after you’ve been gone. A remarkably astounding 10/10* for a synthetic fiend like myself. Ambroxan fans take notice.

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A staple for the spring/summer rotation. Fizzy, bright, citrus, sweet herbs, ambergris and musks (that seem to work similar in fashion to Tonic Vert, C-03, Aventus ....except this scent isn’t closely associated to either of these 3 and stands on its own.) There is an underlying astringent sweet carbonation here some say is reminiscent of cola and I can definitely see that..Fun fact: Estroverso means outgoing in Italian

There is a piercing cool crispness here that is downright addicting. Tsuki (Moon) has a bit of everything: chilly, minty, sweet, gin-like, spicy-fresh, herbal, fruity, citrusy, green, with the patchouli adding a touch of mysterious dark depth. Unique and captivating. Moderate projection and longevity. Gorgeous.

Oud du Futur III is an exceptional & masterfully blended citrus/rose/oud that deserves much praise. Summary: For a fragrance that is centered around Indian Oud, this is surprisingly fresh, and bursting with intensely fragrant florals, rich-robust citruses that do feel reddish-orange, zesty, & twangy. The base which consists of oud/vanilla/amber provides a deeply soft lightly sweet trail. The citrus continues to impress and shines throughout the entire dry down leaving a scent trail best described as tart, dry, cool, fresh, deep, soft-spicy, woody, and sweet.

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I associate this scent with the essential oils diffused into the air during massage therapy. It has tranquil aroma-therapy-like qualities. A touch of pungent sour-like citrus freshens the scent, especially in the opening, but it is quickly dominated by cistus (incense-like, resinous), a very warm bouquet of spicy-fresh florals, all of which are anchored by Roja's signature opulent woods. The scent can be described as citrusy, resinous, warm, spicy-fresh floral, smooth, herbal, earthy, and peppery.

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Fresh, cool, rich-citrusy, very oily, musks emitting cleanly white-grey tones, long lasting, subtle and soft depth, not loud but definitely persistent, and unisex.

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Intensely warm, very rich, deep-woody, mildly-jammy, the rose has citrus like qualities, there is a touch of sweetness, with subtle spices, and it is smooth and persistent. This oil is very potent...with impressive longevity and sustainable projection. Lovely...

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