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TbenschopTbenschop 2 years ago
Journey Man - Amouage

Journey Man Spicy sauna
Amouage Journey Man is a bold, thick, spicy blend. It reminds me of a sauna! To me the pepper, insense, tobacco and cypriol stand out the most. The quality and longevity are both superb. I especially like the middle notes, which give off an almost creamy...

TbenschopTbenschop 2 years ago
Mark Birley for Men (Eau de Toilette) - Mark Birley

Mark Birley for Men (Eau de Toilette) Serious citrus
Mark Birley for men is a citrus based fragrance. It comes to me as rather mature (as opposed to playful), dry, dusty, dirty and bitter. There is this sharp smell that you get when squeezing the skin of mandarin. Overall this fragrance is quite unique,...


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