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TbenschopTbenschop 14 days ago
Le Gemme - Orom - Bvlgari

Le Gemme - Orom Ok....
I was eager to try Orom, as I have smelled all other fragrances from the le Gemme line (except Kobraa!). Well, my first impression is.... ok. It is quite soft and introvert, with an emphasis on a dusty oud, rather than vanilla. The vanilla is unmistakenly...

TbenschopTbenschop 1 month ago
Shem - Nishane

Shem Thicc dare devil
Shem wasn''t a love at first sniff for me. It came over as a bit muted, introvert. Also I did not like the composition. But there was something about it. A few times I just suddenly thought, without actually smelling it, about the scent profile...


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