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TcovaTcova 4 months ago
Accento Overdose - XerJoff

Accento Overdose Lovelly Garden tree
I LOVE the smell of this fragrance. Is a beautiful fragrance, but is To much feminine. It is 100% feminine and 0% masculine. I get a lot of the fruity vive, along with a BIG dose of florals, beautiful florals, and in the background a bit of the fir eucalyptus...

TcovaTcova 4 months ago
Oud Stars - Alexandria II (Parfum) - XerJoff

Oud Stars - Alexandria II (Parfum) The KING
Wow. What a stunner! Alexandria II is so rich and opulent with one of the most beautiful presentations I've ever seen. The creamy woods are blended to perfection with the fruits and florals. It's just gorgeous. Performance is beyond top-notch. Lasts for over...



MkCbMkCb 2 months ago
Hello my friend!
I want to thank you here to! 100% recommendation, one of the nicest people on here. Perfect handling of the whole deal. Can not ask for more.
Thank you also for your patience, the parcel took long enough. But in the end it arrived. :-)
Hope you have fun with Ganymede!
All the best and till the next time! :-)
CafenoirCafenoir 4 months ago
Thank you for the nice feedback and the communication all together, it was fun dealing with you! Very reliable and friendly Parfumo! This kind of encounter is what makes it such a great platform :)
BertolucciKBertolucciK 7 months ago
It was very pleasant to make deals with you. The communication was great and clear. Serious member.
CaineCaine 1 year ago
Everything perfect! Serious buyer, good communication. Just great :)
RazamottiRazamotti 1 year ago
Highly recommended. Very good communication and uncomplicated deal! Thank you and hopefully see you again :)
Exciter76Exciter76 2 years ago
Hello there and welcome to Parfumo! ☆