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Lovelly Garden tree
I LOVE the smell of this fragrance.

Is a beautiful fragrance, but is To much feminine.

It is 100% feminine and 0% masculine.

I get a lot of the fruity vive, along with a BIG dose of florals, beautiful florals, and in the background a bit of the fir eucalyptus vive.
My girlfriend just loves it powerful and fruity...
Sillage 10/10
Scent 9/10
Bottle 15/10

The rose in here is very prominent along with the jasmine.
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Wow. What a stunner! Alexandria II is so rich and opulent with one of the most beautiful presentations I've ever seen. The creamy woods are blended to perfection with the fruits and florals. It's just gorgeous. Performance is beyond top-notch. Lasts for over 18 hours on skin with heavy projection. This is one of those "next level" fragrances. If you love orientals, you need to get your nose on Alexandria II.

Scent: 10/10
longevity: 10/10
Projection: 10/10
Price/Performance Ratio: 9/10
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Rosendo mateu 5 =must try,must have in collection,must wear,must adore,must loveeeeee,must be the one that allways have a place in podium off all time perfumes...
Everytime my girlfriend wears it,she has a wonderful compliment,the people who asks about the smell just stay open mouth with this lovelly and powerful scent...for me it as the best sillage and longevity off all them...with Rosendo 5 u just feel the best off the world even in shitty days...just one word: so greatfull to meet u Rosendo 5...u will became part off my live
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Pleasant musky floral
While wearing this I was reminded of Prada L’Homme and Dior Homme Eau. I think this smells of higher quality, projects and lasts a little longer, but still a good fragrance. If you asked me while owning one of the two designers mentioned above if I need this my answer would be no. If I didn’t own DHE and was looking for something in this genre this would be at the top of my to purchase list. Pretty linear on my skin and lasts a good 6-8 hours. I think this could be considered a safe niche purchase especially if you enjoy DHE and PL’H. For originality it’s not very. Although a wonderful scent for the price it won’t be groundbreaking. I could see average joe really liking this but a niche fraghead could tear this to shreds for its mass appeal. For what it is I’d say it’s pretty freaking good. Overall I’d give this a 7.5/10. It performs well but not above average and it’s not a new concept for a fragrance. Take it down for the price of $175 for 100ml. If you are looking for stellar niche quality juice with designer mass appeal then give this one a look.