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TessaTessa 4 months ago
Jaipur Chant - Sana Jardin

Jaipur Chant Robert Piguet wannabe
Fracas is a huge tuberose. Huge and persistent. Huge and full and unforgettable. Huge and noticeable. That is exactly what SANA perfume wanted to be. Nothing is noticeable except for the huge tuberose which becomes mellow after a short while....

TessaTessa 2 years ago
Furiosa - Fendi

Furiosa Peppery stuff
A strange, unexpectedly unpleasant composition. But hey, it is a matter of taste and when talking about perfumes we are seldom objective. In a few words , there is no freshness, no floral scent. Just a strong pepper like smell unaccompanied by anything....




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