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8 months ago
Scent 1.5
Norell (1968) (Perfume) by Norell

Norell (1968) (Perfume)„Vintage beast!”
I remember I did a blind buy of this fragrance about ten years ago or so, it came with the body wash & lotion. I remember purchasing it because it was/still is very affordable & I said wth not? When I first smelled this, it definitely is a vintage type fragrance if I could...

8 months ago
Scent 6.0
Vanille Chocolat by Les Senteurs Gourmandes

Vanille Chocolat„Angel Flashback”
As it has been noted, this is Mugler's Angel but done in a more polite way if you will. Not as loud nor long lasting as the queen B! BUT..... It is cheaper. Nothing else to add to this except for why fly coach when you can fly first class?.


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