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Thatsmr2usir 11 years ago 9 1
Almond cookie in a bottle
Vintage: Hypnotic Poison is a very well constructed & balanced perfume. It opens up with a nice bitter almond & vanilla accord which soon gives way to my nose a butter note that comes along & makes this a lil creamy.

I get a nice sugar cookie scent in the beginning that makes me want to bake! But that butter note just does not go away which is fine by me, because after a hour & a half the vanilla comes along with the woods to create a beautiful cake like substance!

Towards the end of this frag I get a somewhat disturbing plastic/glue feeling from this but it does not bother me to the point I want to scrub it off. The beginning & the middle are the best parts of HP! It last roughly 8 - 10 hours on me which is great for an EDT! Projection for me is ok, but nevertheless a beautiful addition to the Poison lineup! This can easily be worn by a man as well so if your the curious guy & you have been wanting to test this but have been scared/nervous because of the marketing concept SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Another + in the books for Dior!
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Thatsmr2usir 11 years ago 8 3
Class & distinction in a bottle
I own the EDP & have tested the EDT! I much prefer the EDP! & here is why. The EDT is a nice offering from Guerlain which opens with a nice citrus burst, a tad of cocoa & woods. In the EDT version the citrus is the more dominant player. While it is nice, it does not last very long for me to get a full bottle! 4-5 hours max is what I get out of the EDT.

Now for the EDP! The first initial blast of this concentration is a heavy, yet sharp dry, bitter cocoa accord with a hint of citrus & woods. This concentration the dry, cocoa is the main player. It last @ least 10 hours on me & is indeed lovely! It leaves a nice lingering aroma for people to follow & its just awesome! Pure class here! For fans looking for a sweet cocoa note, THIS IS NOT YOUR FRAGRANCE! The only sweetness I may get from this is when the citrus & cocoa note collide.

I Would not really call the EDP a straight gourmand, because clearly it is not, but its more so a mixture between a gourmand/oriental if that makes any sense. Not for the faint of heart, or who is looking for something sicking sweet! The EDP is more mature than the EDT & for the $$$ its a better option to go with including the fact that the EDT has longevity issues compared to this! Kudos to Guerlain for this masterpiece!
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