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TheBarkTheBark 3 months ago
Silver Oud - Amouage

Silver Oud What's that smell? Is that you? No, it's Amouage Sliver Oud: like a moth to the flame.
Oh Amouage. What have you done? First, there was Interlude Man. Then, there was Interlude Black Iris. Then, if those weren't enough, there was Interlude Man 53. And then...

TheBarkTheBark 3 months ago
Modern Heritage - Gissah / قصة

Modern Heritage Very classy, well done fresh-spicy amber-woody scent.
I first came across this house and fragrance early in 2021 when I received a sample with a purchase from the Middle East. Having never heard of the house before, I did some searching but found little information...

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With Polo Cologne Intense, you can now smell like you're from the 80's without being stuck in them! A modern, fresher re-interpretation.


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