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TheScentDrTheScentDr 9 days ago
L'Homme - Prada

L'Homme Great Introduction to Florals
Gents, I will start with a PRE-Scriptum: I often write reviews using anecdotes and rants, more as an open letter than a review, so if you do read my text, I greatly appreciate it, if not, you can skip to where the space is, after...

TheScentDrTheScentDr 14 days ago
Narcos'is - Vertus

Narcos'is Where to start...
The first thing to mention to someone who knows nothing of this fragrance, or perfume in general: this is not your everyday, drugstore fragrance. Narcos'is, in my opinion, stands in a category of its own even among some niche fragrances. Vertus...

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TheScentDrTheScentDr 11 days ago
Fragrance Creation
Essentially, you can jump straight to the last two paragraphs to please give me your opinion, it would be greatly appreciated. The leading paragraphs are simply context, anecdotes and rants. I have always been intrigued by the connection that taste and smell have; after all, smelling is the first taste we get of food. It was just as interesting to learn that fragrance (scent) in natural... More


DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 14 days ago
Hey TheScentDr, welcome to Parfumo! ;-)