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Theo1995Theo1995 1 year ago
Hermann à mes Côtés me Paraissait une Ombre - Etat Libre d'Orange

Hermann à mes Côtés me Paraissait une Ombre The Green Patchouli of all green patchoulis
Hey, patchouli can also have a green take-on, foresty, fresh, or maybe like a shadow. Victor Hygo's poetry fits this sent incredibly well. Not offensive at all, reminds me a bit of Perles de Lalique because of the rose-patchouli...

Theo1995Theo1995 1 year ago
Rien Intense Incense - Etat Libre d'Orange

Rien Intense Incense Takes me to church...
I grew up with the smell of the burning incense in Greek orthodox churches. Oh, that incense! Rien Intense Incense is all about that church feeling. It is a clean scent although it is slightly animalic, but the best animalic fragrance in the industry....


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