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TicodzillaTicodzilla 1 month ago
Sedley - Parfums de Marly

Sedley Let's be fair: It's a delicious, long-lasting fragrance if the Batch is 2020
Thanks to the comments of fellow forum members, check the batch of this cologne before buying it on Ebay for an attractive price of $ 130.00. Once I received it, I let it rest for 3 weeks...

TicodzillaTicodzilla 2 months ago
Traditional (Eau de Parfum) - Hugh Parsons

Traditional (Eau de Parfum) A good niche perfume, at an excellent price
Due to the returns of the hard destiny of perfumes that lose popularity, this one in particular manages to get to $ 35.00 on EBAY. Given the attractive price, its niche quality and comments that I heard, I decided to buy it and give...


TicodzillaTicodzilla 3 months ago
This is my first review and above all I hope you will excuse any problem with my English, as it is not my mother tongue.
I am not a dedicated perfumer, I am just a perfume lover.
I am motivated to do this review because I love the original, which by the way I have a new one that I take care of like a treasure, but I just bought this fragrance version 2020 and when doing an objective analysis it seems really good, elegant, balanced of the best in this season in designer perfumes; and I think it certainly deserves a fair analysis.
It is a very easy-to-use fragrance and is a firm option to a signature fragrance.
In my opinion, this change in the note of the Iris is reflecting a change that was necessary due to the tendencies of the current man's conception, seen from the perspective of a fashion house like Dior.