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TimVRTimVR 1 year ago
XJ 1861 Zefiro - XerJoff

XJ 1861 Zefiro Fantastic
Grand, amazing, comforting scent. I detect amber, spices, incense. All expertly blended into one glorious enveloping scent. I will enjoy it on many days to come, especially in autumn months... Longevity is very good, silage is plenty. Another job well...

TimVRTimVR 1 year ago
Treffpunkt 8 Uhr - J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

Treffpunkt 8 Uhr Fits the picture
I typically enjoy perfume as an experience, not just the scent itself but the full package, ranging from the packaging and presentation, the actual scent obviously, and the story and inspiration behind its creation. And that is where this perfume...

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Many facets, very enjoyable, never boring.


LexaLexa 2 years ago
Dearest Tim,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing fragrance i hold in my hand today. Dealing with you was a pleasure and an honour,you are such a reliable person and i am so grateful . Also thank you for the gifts,i am sooo happy with our transaction,and i hope to have another really soon. Also a huge thank you for your support and kindness. I highly recommend you to anyone that wants a wonderful fragrant experience.
A big big hug
MujoMujo 2 years ago
Thank you Tim for a lovely swap and the extra's.
DavjrDavjr 3 years ago
Thank you for our pleasant transaction. Until next time. Best regards. Dave