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TimeaZsofiaTimeaZsofia 8 years ago
Fracas (Eau de Parfum) - Robert Piguet

Fracas (Eau de Parfum) Creamy tuberose
When I first encountered Fracas, I was surprised, becaused I excepted I won't like it at all because of the tuberose (when it happened, I didn't like tuberose, because of Do Son, I thought every tuberose smell like that :)). Much to my astonishment...

TimeaZsofiaTimeaZsofia 8 years ago
Chocolate Greedy - Montale

Chocolate Greedy "Smells like a cake"
When I first smelled it, I thought, "Oh, it's beautiful, but I don't want to smell like a cake!" I decided, that I will only smell, not wear this one. But a few weeks later I just realized, that I used up my third sample,...


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