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Timon912Timon912 5 years ago
Furyo (Eau de Toilette) - Jacques Bogart

Furyo (Eau de Toilette) Unbelievable Masterpiece
Yes, this is my only 10 that I've given out. The vintage formula is UNBELIEVABLE. This is my favorite "me" scent. When I'm feeling blue this takes it away. I've never smelled a better nag champa incense cologne and I doubt...

Timon912Timon912 5 years ago
Agua Fresca - Adolfo Dominguez

Agua Fresca Classy Mediteranian Scent
Classy is a hard thing to describe...but this has it. You can imagine a doctor wearing this. This smells slightly medicinal but mainly it smells like a well balanced male scent that isn't soft or harsh, something in the middle. The herbs...


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