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TinctureallTinctureall 5 years ago
Perfume Calligraphy Rose - Aramis

Perfume Calligraphy Rose Seduction duties only
What a whopper of a tobacco/rose combo. Jumps on you and yells victory immediately in a soft woody/rosy/saffron sweet voice. This is no shybaby, but a tenacious tender lover straightaway. A massive centre of resins/muscs labdanum and talcum...

TinctureallTinctureall 5 years ago
Fleurs du Monde (Parfum de Toilette) - Fabergé

Fleurs du Monde (Parfum de Toilette) Unrecognised beauty, then and now
This perfume is one of those utterly underrated masterpieces. I wore it then, and I wear it now, in that secret glow of smug satisfaction that comes with knowing of such things others don't seem to. I care not because this is one of the most...


CoutureguruCoutureguru 8 years ago
Thanks for reading Tinctureall :) ... would love to hear your thoughts!
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
I really enjoyed your wonderful reviews on the Chabaud range. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. xo
TnahowruTnahowru 8 years ago
Hi Tinc, I'm curious as to what your profile picture is of? Is it a bat?
CrypticCryptic 9 years ago
Nice review of Terre de L'Encens. Welcome. :)
ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
Hello Tinctureall, and welcome to Parfumo!
TinctureallTinctureall 9 years ago
Hello everyone. Nice to be here. I felt the need of a comfy place to hang out.....