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TnahowruTnahowru 6 years ago
Campfire Rebel - Pinrose

Campfire Rebel Manly...
Oh come on! This is too manly. Campfire, smoke, woods, and very dry. I don't want a man to smell this when he gets close. However, I do love it and would attack any man that smelled like this.

TnahowruTnahowru 8 years ago
L'Eau - Diptyque

L'Eau Potpourri...
Wonderful scent. but you gotta ask yourself..."Do I really want to smell like winter potpourri?"


GoldGold 8 years ago
Sent you a PM :) with the details of my page etc.
TinctureallTinctureall 8 years ago
Hi there, yes, it is a little baby bat that was clinging to a wall in a cemetery. It had obviously got too tired to find a dark place and was clinging there, fast asleep. What a sweetie.
DarkMatterDarkMatter 8 years ago
Lol, sorry, I'm an Aquarius! It's the artist in me that wanted them organised by colour ;-)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
lol, re sample addiction is a costly delight ..
CrypticCryptic 8 years ago
Alkemia can be hit or miss, Tnahowru. Arabesque, for instance, is a nice sandalwood that I enjoy, and great for layering. There was one, I think it was called La Boheme, that was a disaster -- a stinky rose and patchouli mess. I remember their sample program being reasonably priced, so at least you're not out a lot of money if you hate the 5 or so you pick.
TnahowruTnahowru 8 years ago
Got six form Alkemia, but no talk about them here so kinda disappointing.
TnahowruTnahowru 8 years ago
Last week no samples to test. I don't like this. Many should start pouring in, but probably not til tomorrow.

Patiently waiting.
CrypticCryptic 8 years ago
¡Sí, es muy guapo!
CrypticCryptic 8 years ago ;)
ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
Hello Tnahowru, a very warm welcome to Parfumo!