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Tommyj1976Tommyj1976 4 years ago
Metal Jeans Man - Beverly Hills 90210

Metal Jeans Man "A tv series fragrance"
Wow !! What a good perfume! For those who know vintage Dior Farenheit, this one is very similar! I paid only 15 dollars online and it's a bargain I think! When looking at the name, one would think it's a joke ...... TV series from...

Tommyj1976Tommyj1976 4 years ago
Aramis 900 (Herbal Eau de Cologne) - Aramis

Aramis 900 (Herbal Eau de Cologne) Masculin love!
This is a fragrance for the masculine man. I really like Aramis perfume collection. Yes they are powerhouse, but I feel very fresh when I use Aramis. The same goes for Aramis 900. If you do not like vintage fragrances, maybe this is not for you....


Exciter76Exciter76 3 years ago
Your "Metal Jeans" review has me curious about the whole 90210 line. Thanks for the great review!