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ToreterToreter 7 months ago
Bois Impérial - Essential Parfums

Bois Impérial The smart choice.
I am not very open to write reviews as I do not own the gift of words but I received today this Bois Imperial, due to the hype around it and also because I am a BIG fan of Marc Antoine Barrois (specially B683 and also its Extrait) and a Quentin...

ToreterToreter 10 months ago
Coffee Break - Golden Dallah - XerJoff

Coffee Break - Golden Dallah I think I would eat some hazelnuts while I take coffe break
I received the other day a couple samples of Xerjoff fragances and one of them is this interesting Golden Dallah. Im not good at all into figuring out notes blindly but this time I wanted to try. I hit 3 sprays...

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Cambodian Oud Cambodian Oud - SweDoft - 2 months ago
This is an Oud Wood clone. The start is kinda weird but drydown is very good andl close to TF OW.
Good longevity but it doesnt projects .
If you found Acqua di Sale too strong in seaplant (KELP) Salaria is a lighter version. Kelp, Salt and some musk. For the price is a A+
Cedar Forest Cedar Forest - Ponsà - 10 months ago
Do you remember as a child how a sharpener and a pencil smelled¿? Well you got it.
Some kind of melon candy, milk , itching powder with a Mild Pardon base.
I love it!!!!!
Its kinda weird but reminds me A LOT to Roja´s ENIGMA....beast longevity, nice sillage...i cant smell any Tobacco Vanile here.......
This is just an Aventus clone.PERIOD
All that I wanted to Eau Sauvage to be. Masculine, fresh green and very acid. Longevity is out of charts. Love this fragrance.
Its a middle point btwn Aventus and Vespero. Starts sweet clear bergamot and citrics with a woody vibe and stays linear. Last alot A+++
Nice barber fragrance very close to Egoiste Platinum or Masculine Pluriel. I really enjoy it but it is nothing new. I think rating is fair.
Starts wit lots leather & quick tone down with fruitty note. It has like a plastic-new vibe reminded me of Gucci Guilty absolue. Strong!!!!¡


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JakobDa9LJakobDa9L 18 days ago
super seller, legit and very fair with the price, would recommend buying from Toreter :)
LydianLydian 2 years ago
Many thanks for the perfect transaction and the kind conversation!
BejanoirBejanoir 2 years ago
Hi my friend. Thanks for a successful trade. Very happy with my new perfume! Looking forward to reach out to you in the future ;)
AncaanAncaan 3 years ago
Great collaboration! Thank you :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 4 years ago
Thank you for the perfect trade! Arrived safe and sound. :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 4 years ago
Hola Toreter and welcome to Parfumo! Have a good time.