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2 years ago
Scent 8.5
Viking by Creed

Viking„This is not Aventus, this is VIKING. Get over it.”
After reading all this hate about Viking, I decided to give it a go and get a 50ml decant on Sharing Thread, if it has a Sauvage vibe can´t be really that awful. The first sniff you get when you spray Viking its a citrus-pepper smell....

2 years ago
Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

Italian Cypress„Awesome classic scent sadly discontinued.”
I´ve received a decant of Tom Fords Italian Cypress from 2010. I really like it. It is similiar to Polo Green, but is not that strong. Don´t understand me wrong, this 2010 version is long lasting ,projects pretty good, but the scent is not that...

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This is just an Aventus clone.PERIOD
All that I wanted to Eau Sauvage to be. Masculine, fresh green and very acid. Longevity is out of charts. Love this fragrance.+1
Its a middle point btwn Aventus and Vespero. Starts sweet clear bergamot and citrics with a woody vibe and stays linear. Last alot A+++
Start fruitty and quickly comes Layton´s tobacco and a sinthetyc note. Afterwards Herod tobacco and some sweetness. Powerful and pleasant A+
Nice barber fragrance very close to Egoiste Platinum or Masculine Pluriel. I really enjoy it but it is nothing new. I think rating is fair.+1
Starts wit lots leather & quick tone down with fruitty note. It has like a plastic-new vibe reminded me of Gucci Guilty absolue. Strong!!!!¡+1
Masculine, long lasting and serious. Vintage Fahrenheit came to my mind takin me back 2 teenage days as was my sign scent.
A sweet suede flower-milk-vanilla-rose-amber combo. Starts femenine and evolves more masculine.Sweet smooth and comfortable. 8/10+1
Suede amber, that lingers on 4eva but dont project. Is like walking with a velvet halo surrounding you very close to skin. Warm & comfort+1
Remember Me Remember Me - Jovoy   Toreter 18 months ago
IMO starts like a sweet, gourmand Dior Homme.


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BejanoirBejanoir 65 days ago
Hi my friend. Thanks for a successful trade. Very happy with my new perfume! Looking forward to reach out to you in the future ;)
AncaanAncaan 11 months ago
Great collaboration! Thank you :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 2 years ago
Thank you for the perfect trade! Arrived safe and sound. :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 3 years ago
Hola Toreter and welcome to Parfumo! Have a good time.