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After reading all this hate about Viking, I decided to give it a go and get a 50ml decant on Sharing Thread, if it has a Sauvage vibe can´t be really that awful.
The first sniff you get when you spray Viking its a citrus-pepper smell. It turns alittle sweet after that and you can start smelling that Sauvage kindathing. The fragrance then settles and lets a nice sweet, mild, Sauvage, barber cologne, bergamot, lemony mix come out.
It is a nice fragrance, that needs to settle to give its 100%.
It is not Aventus, it is VIKING. It is different, it is expensive, it is nice, it is pleasant. Needs a few wears to explore all details, but we know that nowadays we want everything here and now.If you are patient, you will like it.

I´ve received a decant of Tom Fords Italian Cypress from 2010.
I really like it. It is similiar to Polo Green, but is not that strong. Don´t understand me wrong, this 2010 version is long lasting ,projects pretty good, but the scent is not that overwhelming as Polo Green was (dont know now)
It opens with a citrus,woody (somekind of incense?) leather, green scent,pine.... very nice. It evolves to a little sweeter scent and projects very good, lasts quite a few hours. After 8h i can still smell easily on clothes and wrist.
It is a mature scent, im not talking about age, im talking about confident, elegant.....a gentleman.

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I guess nothing new will be added in this review, but i needed to play my part. I´ve been very interested in this scent since I heard about it.
Bought different batches and all of them have something particular.More pineapple, more fruitty, some are alittle smokey, others last alot, others few.
I like the smokey touch that gives I think the birch, wich I think was taken away on reformulations.
It is very masculine, pleasant, evolves pretty good and depending on the bach lasts and projects fair enough.
It is an awesome scent and like all blockbusters they will always make us talk.
I will always have Aventus on my collection for sure.

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This fragrance is lovely. From the moment you smell it you find that sweet,warm and amazing honey-tabacco-vanilla-greyamber-amber......absolutly stunning. It is sweet but in gentle way.Is not overwhelming.....many others have copied this fragrance in one way or another. Ones succesfully, others forgettable. Daniel Josier with Ambre Tabac did a great job. Oajan, Herod, Tobacco Vanille......all are great.

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I love this scent. Non intrusive, smells like a clean, soapy, fresh fragance, but in an ellegant way. More masculine than Colonia as it is not sweet due to its citrus notes.
Comparisons to Neroli Portofino, Mugler Cologne, 4711 KölnischWasser and all those citrus fragrances is just not quite accurate. Essenza is stronger, lasts longer and evolves much better than the others.
Some people say that reminds os shaving foam, old soap.......I dont see the negative part of that, starts fresh and changes to a barbershop fragance. I can not think of a more masculine such thing.
Excellent for an everyday use and on Spring or summer.

2 Awards
This scent is quite amazing. Its starts kinda strange, bitter.....but wait, let it settle. After a few minutes it changes and comes the best part of this awesome scent, cocoa,vanilla..... white chocolate, sugar.......makes you want to eat your neck, wrists.......simply amazing and a total gourmand.
To mention that longevity is enormous, 3-4 sprays and will last all day long.
If youre not into sweet gourmand scents, it might give you a headache.