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Treywest 5 years ago 1

Must have!
Rihanna has done extremely well with this fragrance. I thought it was going to be a similar scent to her others, but its far from it! Rogue man is definitely different. It almost reminded me of a nice Burberry London scent. Nice and peppery, yet fragments of floral. (Feminine)

Age target:- This is only my personal opinion, I feel as though this scent would be targeted for younger men between 18 & 27.
Location Preference: I wear this one to work (office environment) I deal directly with customers, I'm going to say its a nice mellow scent, not too intense for the office scene. I would also wear this scent out to dinner at a nice restaurant, job interviews etc.. HOW EVER, I wouldn't wear it on a night out on the town, I feel like it would be too much of a weaker scent for dance floors and parties.

If your considering buying this, just go ahead, you'll love it!