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TriffidTriffid 8 years ago
Bottega Veneta Eau Légère - Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Eau Légère LESS BANG FOR YOUR BUCK
I'm on my second bottle of the original, eponymous Bottega Veneta fragrance and at some point during these purchases I scored a gorgeous little boxed mini of Eau Legere, the inevitable flanker. I should mention here that the bottles from...

TriffidTriffid 8 years ago
Glam 'n Soul - Thomas Sabo

A sample of "Glam 'n' Soul" landed in my shopping bag upon purchase of a Christmas gift from the Thomas Sabo store. I regarded it as a sort of throwaway item to be discarded later, but set it aside anyway. Who knows? This might...

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Created by Jean-Loius Sieuzac, perfumer for Opium, Fahrenheit, Dune, Oscar, Bel Ami, Or Black and Mme Rochas (1989 reform) among others.


GothicHeartGothicHeart 6 years ago
It's a much bigger shame when any momentum stops abruptly at the borders of inertia. Whether it's clandestine or blatant. Thanks a million!
CrypticCryptic 7 years ago
My pleasure, Triffid. :) Shortcuts are so tempting when you're busy, but it's true that tasks like long division are exactly the sort of thing to keep the mind sharp, so it's a dilemma in a fast-paced world. I use every time-saving trick in the book but I also do crosswords for jollies, so hopefully that will help me down the road.
CrypticCryptic 7 years ago
You may never have any use for this, but what the heck:
GreysolonGreysolon 7 years ago
Triffid, thanks for your patience with my puzzles/limericks for Guess That Scent. I'm having a blast being part of Parfumo again.
Fragrance123Fragrance123 8 years ago
Thank you for welcoming me.
DulcemioDulcemio 8 years ago
Hi Triffid,
I sure hope your first trip to Europe won't be affected by a head cold! :D
I've been using this sinus rinse for about a year now and have had zero head colds duirng that time. (I usually get 2-3 per year.)
I've had a few sinus pressure flare ups, but they were short-lived. Keeping the nasal passages clear of built up mucus goes a long way toward preventing head colds, apparently. This is what my doctor had told me, and it seems to be true. Have you ever tried anything like this?
AislingAisling 8 years ago
Thank you for your kind welcome.
DarkMatterDarkMatter 8 years ago
Thank you so much for your kind remarks on my blog post :-) x
CrypticCryptic 8 years ago
You might enjoy these poetic gentlemen. :)
OmniOmni 8 years ago
Happy New Year. It's bucketing down here and the mosquitoes are out in force. I'm thinking of the farmers and how happy they will be.