Twinkle's Perfume Photos


BlumenblutBlumenblut 7 years ago
Dein Foto ist sehr edel!
TwinkleTwinkle 7 years ago
Danke Blumenblut!
ich bin schon im Sonnenblume Fanklub:))))
AlinamariaAlinamaria 7 years ago
Die Puppe sieht creepy aus :) Geniales Bild :)
BlumenblutBlumenblut 7 years ago :)
TwinkleTwinkle 7 years ago

I hope she'll like it when taste
TwinkleTwinkle 7 years ago
yes pink - Fleurs de Rocaille, violet - Aimez-Moi, braun - Nuit de Noël
SensualSensual 7 years ago
Really nice photo ! The pink bottle is the fleur, I assume... ?
GothicHeartGothicHeart 7 years ago
So chic and charming! Although the lady looks a little angry, perhaps because it's the bottles that are focused and instantly noticed, and not her...

Twinkle Perfume Photos