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Vagabond 3 years ago 1

Bitter sweet dreams
Exit the Chinese restaurant, up the moka and saffron stairs, and into an elegant boudoir laden with magnificent roses.
The air swirls with pungent, spicy woods... eyes start to close... and, as you go deeper, the narcotic dance of bitter green and jasmine sweet sends you off into a golden, Elysian slumber...

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Dark splendour
Dewaniya is so gloriously rich that you can smell it before you have pulled the stopper.

On application, we meet a dark, handsome prince of an attar, supremely confident and bold… defiant amongst ancient carved walls and intricately patterned carpets.

It evokes dark amber, black and red colours.

Layer open layer of rich smells: tobacco, honey, smoke, saffron, black tea, oud, rose and labdanum... twinkling with ambergris and uplifted by frankincense and myrrh.

Dark, sexy, complex and confident… Those who love Ame Sombre, Tabac Grande or Ambrecuir, amongst others, will no doubt love this masterful blend.

Vagabond 3 years ago 3

Whole lotta magic...
***Fine-boned, pale rose swooning in a sensuous golden haze, sublimed by a heady, yet supremely graceful, oud. Exquisite, and very sexy**
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Ancient Japanese spice
Spicy yellow and red earth. Reminiscent of the remains of my Shoyeido incense, but this one is less floral and seductive than what I use. Nankun proposes an extremely contemplative route which is not the norm in perfumery where the aim is usually to seduce. Far from the world of scented gloves and boudoirs, this takes one back to sweet pungent trees and seeds of the earth. For monks and samurai.
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Vagabond 3 years ago 4

Lust in the pantry...
A warm and richly perfumed honey coming from an imaginary land: creamy tonka and sandalwood juxtaposed with bitter almond and red saffron strands.

A heady quality that I recognize from such strange beauties as ‘Nectare’ and ‘Rêve Narcotique’. Intoxicating and rich. But, soon, everything starts to change...

Hold on! Where is the iris? Iris is here all right, richer than ever, but this time her hue isn’t the usual creamy bluish violet, no, here she is sublimed in a huge golden sunset.

Just as you were getting comfy, the thing starts to nibble your ear with an onslaught of the finest musk, ambergris and osmanthus... turning this into a carnal scent.

Although the air wafts a breeze of fresh biscuits and chocolate delights being prepared somewhere, the perfume now smells of panting, love-sweetened skin, with a dangerous dark fruitiness.

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