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This is not your average celebrity scent. That is not necessarily a good or bad thing though. It is fruity from start to finish. I get grapefruit and passion fruit throughout with average longevity.

You can smell the bergamot and pepper in the top notes. It quickly becomes quite fruity and almost smells like Xeryus Rouge but a bit more dark. Nice stuff :)

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It does indeed share similarities to both Joop Homme & Creed's Original Santal. A very nice scent at a good price :)

This is a complete reformulation. There is no trace of the original vintage Trussardi Uomo here. Although it is pleasant, it is not the ultra-masculine beast that the 80's version was :(

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This is a superb winter fragrance. The mix of saffron, cloves and cinnamon is outstanding. The original Silver Shadow was always one of my favourites but found that it was lacking longevity, and this corrects that, along with adding more spiciness and less powder. The notes are reminiscent of the smell of a cognac, maybe a smooth brandy or whiskey. It gives off a luxurious feel to the wearer and screams quality. Very hard to come by as it was limited edition and no longer in production. Why are so many great fragrances discontinued?

One of the best lemon-based scents around. Good longevity and sillage. A great creation from a great house.

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This indeed is a very good copy of Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather at a fraction of the price! The raspberry note a bit more prominent. The longevity and sillage are very good.

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For me this scent will always have a place within my heart. I do not know why but it always invokes nostalgia of when I was young and I saw a train for the first time at a train station. This seems bizarre as this scent was released 15 years later than that event in time. There may have been someone with a similar scent, or just that I associate this smell with a train station (but in a good way). Nevertheless, BLV Notte Pour Homme is a darker, more superior version of the original, apart from the longevity and sillage are a bit lacking. It is versatile and smooth. 7/10 but only for the disappointing sillage.

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All of the Scentstory 24 series are amazing, and this scent is no exception. It oozes class at a very low price which makes it very good value for money. You can smell vanilla, some rose and a very good oud note. It is has monster sillage and longevity also.

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Cuba prestige is indeed very similar to A*Men so it gets a 0/10 for originality but on the other hand it is a very nice sweet smelling fragrance and almost as potent as A*Men, but maybe a little less harsh. Good value for money :)

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