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10 months ago
Scent 10.0
Shooting Stars - La Capitale by XerJoff

Shooting Stars - La Capitale„Very beautiful, very Xerjoff”
It opens with a bright fruity chord with strawbery. In the style of Erba Pura, Cruz del Sur 2. Dry down is a spicy Rose with a rich Xerjoff base. It Lets me think about More then Words, Alexandria 2, Bouquet Ideale. Al i al it is a very beautiful perfume....

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To me it sounds like the old version of C for women but with less ladan and a lot of tuberose. A scent of a modern, younger woman+1
Creamy, gourmand, a bit smoked leather. Luckily iris does not do the solo, it is a part of a balanced bouquet. I am in love!+2
Animalistic oud, a lot of grass, that is all i can smell. Jabir is a very special fragrance. Try it before you buy it! But still i love it
Ode to femininity, sweet beauty. Something to wear to create an image of a tender young woman


LiisaLiisa 36 days ago
My warmest thanks for this beautiful perfume!
It was a real pleasure to meet you here, perhaps some time again :-).
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Thank you for a perfect deal, fast shipment and very well packed.
Very nice and kind, highly recommended.
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Wonderful person and what a wonderful deal. Thanks for all your good care.
Have a great day :-)
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Thank You very much for the nice and pleasant deal!

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Dearest V. ,thank you! You are a wonderful reliable person,i had a great time with this deal,i want to recommend you to anyone who wants a safe,smooth and fast transaction. Hope we meet again! Best and kindest regards!
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Dear vmf,

thank you for the nice, quick, easygoing and friendly souk and communication and the rapid payment!

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