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Vrross46 7 months ago

Vrross46 Craving for Oud
   This *magic potion* is a rich and luxurious composition,where oud is mixed with other precious woody notes like cedre,vetiver and sandalwood,to emphasize the natural woody and leathery characteristic of this beautiful fragrance.The oud that is used is something natural, with higher concentration and it's good for me because this is one on my favourite...

Vrross46 7 months ago

   Oh, this is something i was missing in my collection, but I'm glad i found it now, and this comes from a beautiful house. I started with a discovery set, which i recommend you to do, because that's how you can end up discovering a favorite.That's how i end up discovering this one.I will test them again, because i still...

Vrross46 7 months ago

Vrross46New from Farmacia SS
Did you tried the new fragrance from Farmacia SS?It is very similar to Heeley Cardinal and possibly other incense scents. It is a discreet incense, soft and elegant, suitable for summer, being an aromatic fragrance.I like it very much, because it is not very rough.You can wear it easily, it is basically a summer incense, easy airy.It can also be used...