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11 months ago - 15.06.2021
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Oh, this is something i was missing in my collection, but I'm glad i found it now, and this comes from a beautiful house.

I started with a discovery set, which i recommend you to do, because that's how you can end up discovering a favorite.That's how i end up discovering this one.I will test them again, because i still have the thought of one, although they are all absolutely fabulous.

COFFEE • WHITE FLOWERS has some floral notes, some leather etc., but it is a dream fragrance.Very easy to wear.The coffee and the rum notes are one of my favorites, which make up this olfactory symphony.If you love coffee fragrances, this may be also for you.

The packaging is luxurious, everything is fine and superlative.It has a super big projection.I like it suuuuper much, all for about 129 €, but the price doesn't reflect the quality of their products.

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