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SteffGSteffG 4 months ago
One month further, alot of people have been scammed including me for the partial br540 €105- paypal has denied my request of refund and mods have ignored me... What can we do?
Fefo89Fefo89 5 months ago
Diyenli, on PP where can you open a case for the given payment?
Diyenli61Diyenli61 5 months ago
This guy is a scammer. Please be aware people! I paid for BR540 €105 and scammed me without getting back to me. He got mad when I paid first for goods, and later we canceled it and paid for friends. That was my biggest mistake.
I opened case on paypal for unauthorized payment. That is most I can do since I paid for friend family.
ParfumeourParfumeour 5 months ago
We need to open a topic in the forum and ask collectively the admins to support us, then to file the case to the police as I am sure he stood more than 1000€.
Another thing what we can do is that we will post in every FB group what he made, his name, his paypal address - also there is an Instagram profile which has the same pictures, when I asked the guy a few questions he blocked me.
Fefo89Fefo89 5 months ago
I "bought" the BR540 partial bottle too like 23 days ago, but never arrived... what do you think, if we all paid F&F can we get that money back somehow?
JoselucpJoselucp 5 months ago
Hi all, as I said to everyone who wrote me, It's strange because my experience was good. I bought sticky fingers (if I don't remember wrong) and I received the bottle without any problem and relatively quick (Romania to Spain). So sorry about all of you mates, so seeing all the cases I'm going to delete my positive feedback until Adrian tells something everyone of you.
Best regards,
KaatjeKaatje 5 months ago
I have the same experience as you. He is a scammer.
I have had zero contact since I purchased my bottle Xerjoff Cruz 2.
ArjanArjan 5 months ago
This scambag scammed a friend of mine 😡 watch out guys! Don’t buy anything from this guy
ParfumeourParfumeour 5 months ago
Where are the admins? I contacted two of them yet no one replied me...
RonniweRonniwe 5 months ago
He is Scammer! I "bought" his MFK Grand Soir. I had zero contact since I purchased the bottle...
BS96BS96 5 months ago
Scam alert! Has scammed a lot of people where one of them is my friend
SteffGSteffG 5 months ago
Big scam alert, I bought his br540 22 days ago and for the last 5 days he did not reply, I never saw the package, pictures or tracking code. Absolutly a big scammer, sad to have this on parfumo.
ParfumeourParfumeour 5 months ago
The guy is not speaking with me now for 5 days, I "bought" his MFK Amyris extrait. Scam alert.
NinisNinis 5 months ago
I have had zero contact since I purchased my bottle. I am sure I am not the only one waiting for a bottle of Cruz del Sul. Let’s say I ll try not to get fooled again....