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WRothWRoth 7 years ago
(untitled) - Maison Margiela

(untitled) (untitled)
This fragrance starts with a bitter green note surrounded by a sweet woodsy note similar to liquorice. The result is like thick herbal liquor – unfortunately I do not like what I see. The green accord is on one hand too cloying and on the other hand...

WRothWRoth 7 years ago
Vanilia - L'Artisan Parfumeur

Vanilia Vanilia
This fragrance starts with an accord made of vanilla and ylang ylang. Reminiscent of Vanilla Galante, this fragrance is sweeter and heavier than the Hermessence. The two notes, spice and floral, are well-blended and harmonise perfectly. Underneath the two note...


Simona23Simona23 2 months ago
Grazie ancora Philipp per la tua cortesia oltre che per gli stupendi profumi. ❤️❤️❤️
GuusjeGuusje 8 years ago
THANK you soooo much for your decant! :D I was looking for this scent for a LONG time and now I am very happy with it in my collection < 3 Thank you also for the nice extras and the wonderful & kind communication! Kudos my new friend :)