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Warrior72Warrior72 2 months ago
Hawaii Volcano (Parfum Extract) - Alexandria Fragrances

Hawaii Volcano (Parfum Extract) Love it, but...
Is it just me who LOVES this fragrance, but it seems to last an hour on my skin ? I just got it in a sample kit and I'm wondering if maceration will help ? Thanks !! To me, the lime and citruses are very intense and refreshing, along with some coconut...

Warrior72Warrior72 4 months ago
Armani Code Absolu pour Homme - Giorgio Armani

Armani Code Absolu pour Homme Personnal, vanilla, tonka and a little bit sweet fragrance: really good !
This is an excellent date night and close encounter type of sent. It is very addictive vanilla and tonka and it smells great. On skin, it lasts a very long time and even more on clothes (12h)....