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Histoires de Parfums-Fidelis

From darkness into the light! One of my favorite cold weather scents, pure magic from the house of @histoiresdeparfums "Fidelis"

If you like rose-oud combinations, this one will leave you begging for more.

Beautiful opening with bit of a raspberry tartness and saffron with jammy rose and hint of woody smoke and not so cuminy intensive cumin while cardamom and coffee dance in the background. It's dense, dark and potent!?

All the glowing and profound demeanor of a Rose strengthened by Oud to summon perfect love.-brand words.

Official list if notes:

⬆️Cardamom Oil, Guatemala Coffee, Saffron, Cumin Oil

Heart: Rose Absolu, Raspberry

⬇️Patchouli, Amber, Oud Laos

⏱this is one of the beast mode fragrances! Lasts 12h on my skin and sillage is monster, everything above 2 sprays is too much!

@julienrasquinet made a masterpiece here and this one will definitely stay forever in my collection! Bravo!

Have you tried "Fidelis" and what's your favorite fragrance from this house?

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