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1 year ago - 24.07.2021
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Meet the beautiful work of art by Thomas De Monaco.

This is the first, limited edition fragrance from Thomas De Monaco, as he says: "The scent has a distinctive character, unfolding voluptuosly and demandingly, it's heart calling for unbridled freedom. Raw Gold is an unpolished, modern unisex fragrance which calls the spirit of the late 60's and early 70's to mind."

Thomas De Monaco put the passion, experience, knowledge and memories in his fragrance and you can really feel this with every second wearing it, just how evolves and blooms on your skin. He is an artist/photographer/producer. Like all masterpieces were made in silence, creating Raw Gold was no difference. The whole process was a work of art for Thomas, which took him 3 years for it to finally be done.

I don't really got official list of notes but I'll just try to describe you what I detect and what it reminds me of.

Opening is definitely boozy, but for short period of time, smelling like a fine liquor. Very classy drive!
After cca 2 minutes, I smell coffee which stays dominant for around 5 minutes, untill lipstick and suede leather come to the stage, then coffee stays mainly in the background but it's there, lurking in the shadows.
Oh wow! Now honey comes to play! And somewhere around 10 minute mark, I recon it's the mix between leather, honey, lipstick and coffee that could smell to you like really high quality and expensive Swiss milk chocolate.
Are we heading into gourmand teritory? Well..not exactly. The sweetness from honey is definitely there, but now leather, saffron, oak and tobacco are going strong and are very prominent in the dry-down with maybe a tiny bit of patchouli there and something micro animalic, could be civet but I'm not 100% sure.

ā±lasting power is great! 10 hours on my skin with heavy sillage. Potential room filler! High quality! This edp performs like an extrait!

Usually I don't prefer fragrances with honey, I am very careful but this one is just great! Honey here is not sticky, and syntheticly cloying and tooth-aching sweet. It just smells so natural.
Phenomenal fragrance, glad to own the bottle!

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