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London (Cologne) - Dunhill

London (Cologne) Sweet tobacco relic
Tobacco was to Dunhill what leather was to Hermès; cigarettes and lighters were a mainstay of the brand. (And, by coincidence, Alfred Dunhill was the son of a riding tack manufacturer.) So it’s no surprise to find an approximation of baccy...

WildGardenerWildGardener 1 day ago
Weil de Weil (Parfum de Toilette) - Weil

Weil de Weil (Parfum de Toilette) G III b
Weil de Weil has been discontinued, and there are two reasons for that. One of them is bad luck, the other is by design. It was released in 1971, a year when three outstanding perfumes also appeared on the stands: No19, Rive Gauche and Aromatics Elixir....

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A bitter-woody and powdery-sweet aroma-doodle, not a perfume in the classic sense.
The kind of thing you’d expect from Demeter.
Metallic watery citrus and a stale Eau de Cologne.
It’s not very herbal, and troubling
only because it’s so poor.

Like a Chrome flanker.
A smooth-synthetic masculine, this harsh ozone and green woody musk has a saving grace; it’s dirt cheap, and it smells a bit like Good Life
While Cool Water and Eternity fM are still around
there’s no reason to go for this screechy clone
except masochism maybe…
A dry green and woody cologne
with the tart fruitiness of What about Adam
or Lime, Basil & Mandarin.
A fougère smoking a bidi outside a hospital clinic.
An orange flower & tuberose bouquet, pretty standard for the 80’s – apart from the syrup – which has a cool glycerine lightness.
Another one derived from Cool Water...
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Shalimar with a nod to Bulgari Black and a dollop of blancmange.
A hollow shell of fruchouli, screechy and dusty; like a blackcurrant gummy you find down the back of the sofa.

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WildGardenerWildGardener 20 days ago
Difficult Muguet
In France, the first of May is a national holiday and people mark the start of summer by giving sprigs of Lily of the Valley, which are said to bring luck for the year ahead. Feeling rather ambiguous about cut flowers, I love the citrusy-(rosy) smell of the little white bells but don’t like the idea of them being cut down in their prime to give us a day or two of passing pleasure.  Also,... More
WildGardenerWildGardener 3 months ago
Protean Patchouli
If you think about patchouli perfume, what do you think of? Angel? with her chocolate patchouli, red fruits and candy floss? A classic patchouli / amber like Reminiscence? How about Eau Sauvage? There are many styles that use patchouli and they come in all shades and textures - from deep and dark to light and pale. A lot of patchouli in a formula can make it so distinctive the perfume... More


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Cher Jardinier,
C'est avec de plus en plus de plaisir que je vous lis et vous êtes devenu quelqu'un dont l'avis compte pour moi.
Je me retrouve souvent dans vos enthousiasmes (Fille en Aiguilles !) comme dans vos éreintements (Sauvage !), et l'humour folâtre dont vous parsemez vos phrases contribue à leur attrait.
Chapeau pour votre anglais, j'aimerais avoir le même !
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Hey WildGardener, welcome to Parfumo!
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Remerciements, glad to join you.
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Bienvenue, WildGardener! I hope you will like Parfumo!