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WildGardenerWildGardener 3 days ago
Phileas (Eau de Toilette) - Nina Ricci

Phileas (Eau de Toilette) Woody Lime clone
I suppose if you mix bergamot, lemon and green notes with juniper, it could approximate to lime. I say ‘approximate to lime’; and for that, dihydromyrcenol would come in handy, which Good Scents describes as : fresh, citrus, lime, floral,...

WildGardenerWildGardener 4 days ago
Monsieur de Givenchy (Eau de Toilette) - Givenchy

Monsieur de Givenchy (Eau de Toilette) Vieux monsieur
This is the original version of Monsieur, and - sweet though it is - it does smell old. In fact, it's so old, it reminds me of Eau de Coty (1909). Let me explain. Monsieur smelled of citrus - front and centre. But, with aromatics and powder, it had more...

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Darker and more spicy-woody, it's like Azzaro pour Homme with a suntan.
I think it’s better.
A green chypre with powder and plasticky flowers.
Nothing wrong with that, but a bit too sour and lipsticky for my taste.
A creamy lemon tart and a metal halo.
A weird take on the Eau de Cologne perhaps?
A fantasy gourmand of cherry leather, hot wood, vanilla and lilies.
Playing around with Play-Doh.
A sweet brown leather with a flourish of grace notes, after that it gets rather boring.
cK does A*Men
A screechy thing that smells like Fahrenheit.
A citrus - herbal chypre.
A bit like Blenheim Bouquet
but with spices and amber it's warmer, and better.
A burst of pear,
powder and citrus.
Half an hour later:
Au Lac Au Lac - Eau d'Italie - 2 months ago
A silken lotus, casting its pollen to the uncaring waters.

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WildGardener 12 days ago

WildGardenerOh dear, that's very safe
Bois de jasmin recently blogged about new flavour and fragrance trends that she found somewhere. She said that green tea, peach and citrus are likely to be the most popular notes in the seasons to come. But where did this information come from? Was it mere guesswork to say that popular - and safe - notes are going to be popular for some time...

WildGardener 1 month ago

WildGardenerMichael Edwards renounces Oriental
Many perfumista’s will be aware of the debate surrounding Oriental, the name of the genre that contains Shalimar and Opium. According to Bois de Jasmin, Michael Edwards will no longer use it in Fragrances of the World. He said that from now on the name will be Amber, and he proposes three categories: Soft Amber, Floral Amber and Woody...


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Cher Jardinier,
C'est avec de plus en plus de plaisir que je vous lis et vous êtes devenu quelqu'un dont l'avis compte pour moi.
Je me retrouve souvent dans vos enthousiasmes (Fille en Aiguilles !) comme dans vos éreintements (Sauvage !), et l'humour folâtre dont vous parsemez vos phrases contribue à leur attrait.
Chapeau pour votre anglais, j'aimerais avoir le même !
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Hey WildGardener, welcome to Parfumo!
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Remerciements, glad to join you.
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Bienvenue, WildGardener! I hope you will like Parfumo!