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Red Door (Eau de Toilette) - Elizabeth Arden

Red Door (Eau de Toilette) Gateway masculine
Unctuous red rose and spangly orange-blossom. It reminds me of rose hips; which give a dry-sweet syrup, and the seeds - which are ground to make itching powder for naughty boys to throw down people's necks. But of course Red Door is a perfume,...

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French Lover / Bois d'Orage - Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

French Lover / Bois d'Orage Science of Doubt
He may look like a Belgian accountant but Pierre Bourdon is a perfume genius. With French Lover he's done something that few have tried and fewer have achieved, the Minimalist Perfume. A pale blend of galbanum and assonant naturals : incense, juniper...

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Même jardin sous le foin.
Serge Lutens does Beach Scent.
A red spicy rose with leaf, thorn and stem.
It blazes like a beacon,
and then, the morning after,
the petals are dry and fading.
LT on perfumesilove : Apocalypse smells of 1 part tomato ketchup and two parts shampoo, now I'm even less keen to experience end of the world

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WildGardenerMore than a Feeling
L'Heure Bleue - the witching hour, when day slips into night. Dusk falls, and orange lights on the banks of the Seine twinkle in the deepening blue. The atmosphere is cool, elegaic... Some people find l'Heure Bleue sad, and indeed, there was something weighing on Jacques Guerlain's mind when he composed it. Jean-Paul Guerlain later told Michael Edwards...

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WildGardenerWas Bleu Marine the first ever Aquatic?
Bleu Marine was released by Pierre Cardin in 1986, two years before Cool Water and New West for Him, and with a name like 'Navy Blue' it sounds like it should be the first ever aquatic, but was it?First of all, what are we talking about here? There are two versions of Bleu Marine: Bleu Marine de Cardin and Bleu Marine pour Lui by Pierre...


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Cher Jardinier,
C'est avec de plus en plus de plaisir que je vous lis et vous êtes devenu quelqu'un dont l'avis compte pour moi.
Je me retrouve souvent dans vos enthousiasmes (Fille en Aiguilles !) comme dans vos éreintements (Sauvage !), et l'humour folâtre dont vous parsemez vos phrases contribue à leur attrait.
Chapeau pour votre anglais, j'aimerais avoir le même !
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Hey WildGardener, welcome to Parfumo!
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Remerciements, glad to join you.
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