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Weil de Weil (Parfum de Toilette) - Weil

Weil de Weil (Parfum de Toilette) G-III b
Weil de Weil has been discontinued, and there are two reasons for that. One of them is bad luck, the other is by design. It was released in 1971, a year when three outstanding perfumes also appeared on the stands: No19, Rive Gauche and Aromatics Elixir....

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Echo (Eau de Toilette) - Davidoff

Echo (Eau de Toilette) Shape without form, shade without colour
vehement and bland: chili metal-aquatic / sweet-dusty-woody a curry with no flavour, just hot We are the Hollow Men ... we are the hollow men

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An excellent leather but suspiciously like No5 in boots.
Blackberry hairspray.
L'Heure Bleue without the magic.
Like a Man's watch, the uglier the better.
Même jardin sous le foin.
Serge Lutens does Beach Scent.
A red spicy rose with leaf, thorn and stem.
It blazes like a beacon,
and then, the morning after,
the petals are dry and fading.
LT on perfumesilove : Apocalypse smells of 1 part tomato ketchup and two parts shampoo, now I'm even less keen to experience end of the world

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WildGardenerCoty's Paris
At first glance Coty's Paris may seem like a push over, a soft pink floral bouquet with a red fruity syrup. But there's also a hard side to it; aldehydes, the cutting note of hyacinth and a crunch of lilac. What would otherwise be a sentimental fruity floral now takes on a grown up air. The sense of maturity is developed by (face) powder, and later on the ambery...

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WildGardenerChartered Accountant, Chartered Surveyor, why not Chartered Perfumer?
The International Society of Perfumer-Creators has anounced it will publish a perfumer's charter. Its aim is to define the job they call Perfumer-Creator. This is one step on the road to giving the profession a recognised status. This, it is hoped, will help perfume to be legally recognised as a work...


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Cher Jardinier,
C'est avec de plus en plus de plaisir que je vous lis et vous êtes devenu quelqu'un dont l'avis compte pour moi.
Je me retrouve souvent dans vos enthousiasmes (Fille en Aiguilles !) comme dans vos éreintements (Sauvage !), et l'humour folâtre dont vous parsemez vos phrases contribue à leur attrait.
Chapeau pour votre anglais, j'aimerais avoir le même !
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Hey WildGardener, welcome to Parfumo!
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Remerciements, glad to join you.
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