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WildGardener 13 days ago 2

A hissy pink cosmetic with an afterthought of oud
There’s nothing wrong with this not being an Oud, a perfume could in theory contain a smidgeon of oud and still be a different – and decent - type of scent (in the same way that Angel contains patchouli but isn’t a Patchouli). But :
• this is called Oud Ispahan, and that’s a little bit misleading, and
• it’s cheap smelling with a lot of synthetics (that don’t smell like rose) and
• it doesn’t smell good, or original in any way.
In fact it puts me in mind of ‘Oud J‘Adore’, except Oud Ispahan seems to be aimed at a more prosperous clientelle; who I imagine as the type of woman (because this is clearly meant to be bought by women) who frequent Dubai shopping centres (and the embassy quarters of Paris) rather than those Attar Walla boutiques that only deal in the good stuff.
In business, I was advised to under promise and over deliver. This clearly does the opposite.

WildGardener 14 days ago 2

Mad for it Max
There is booze, coconut and coffee, but our complete waster Max smells of black hash fudge - in a Big way---sweet, but with a bitter edge that holds it down---If you think you don't like sweet perfumes, this one may change your mind---I find it strangely comforting in a sort of crazed Dean Moriarty kind of way.

WildGardener 22 days ago 1

Strange Root
A weird root that smells like a weird fruit, woody and over ripe at the same time, Mandragore is like a hollowed out Halloween pumpkin, tough on the outside but
rotting in the middle. A rooty-orange bitter and woody fruit, it’s a bizarre hybrid; one that fascinates - even if it doesn’t seduce.

Mandragore is mandrake, beloved of necromancers - who would make an effigy of the human shaped tuber before cursing it - and their victim - with black magic.

It’s also the first of three works by Isabelle Doyen which run along the same lines. I guess she liked it so much she did a purple version, and then Nuit Etoilée which is an inverted version of Mandragore Pourpre.

All of this would come as a surprise to those who know Annick Goutal for their
feminine florals. Mandragore is something else for the house - and something else in general.

It isn’t a date perfume, and it’s not office safe. I hate to say it but it’s a Halloween scent, ideal for scary masks and all the rest of the plastic crap that has taken over the festival of Samhain and turned it into an orgy of frivolous consumption, in the same way that the Left have turned the traditional spring celebration of May Day into the earnest
parades of Labour Day.

So next November Eve, if you really want to give your friends a scare, douse yourself in Mandragore and tell them a good old fashioned ghost story.

WildGardener 28 days ago 1

Something isn't happening, and I don't know what it is...
The opening is fine, a flourish of smells. But they inevitably fade out leaving a dry woody Amber; with incense, a touch of dried fruit, and a note of burnt sugar like

It’s not bad, but personally I won’t be wearing it. Nothing against Ambre Russe, it’s a nuanced work. But there’s not enough going for many ambers to make me wanna buy them, I think there’s something lacking in the genre.
Not sure what that would be though...

WildGardener 1 month ago 1

Obsessed no more
Obsession for Men is the perfume equivalent of an 80's soft rock ballad. Foreigner's Waiting for a Girl like You is a good metaphor of the anxious sentimentality expressed here. (The track came out five years before but it's still relevant due to perfumery's
peculiar temporal dislocation from other arts - an idea put forward by Chandler Burr - which does seem to have some merit.)

In my original review I wrote OfM is 'more than just a comfort blanket', now I'm not so sure. These days it strikes me as little more than a bitter sweet amber with herbs.

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