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WildGardener 6 years ago

Dull Water
The idea behind Acqua Colonia is perfect for the brand profile of 4711.
Simple colognes for a quick pick me up in hot weather.
The better examples do this admirably, they are refreshing and cheap enough to spray around or splash on with abandon. Anything other than this isn't going to work and this is the case with Vetyver & Bergamot. Both materials are too heavy to be anything more than supporting modifiers for citruses, lavender and herbs.

It's too simple to be a real perfume and too sombre for a cologne. It also smells too synthetic and has an unnecessary, cloying sweet powdery note.

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Conservative cologne
The piquant herbs that add a coarse texture to Blenheim Bouquet are the distinguishing feature that set it apart from an ordinary run of the mill cologne.

As there are no heart notes the evolution of the rigorous herbal-citrus accord is characterised by a gradual mellowing at the edges; its more of a slow decline than any real development.

Pine and moss convey the herbal theme into the drydown where it lasts for an impressively long time over the remnants of lemon scented elemi.

Blenheim Bouquet's linear structure mirrors the aristocratic Edwardian values of stability and continuity, and its character is appropriately formal for a black tie function at the palace.

It remains Penhaligon's best seller.

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ephemeral impériale
EdC Impériale has no floral component but coumarin in the base leans it to the feminine side. This adds a dash of sweet powderiness and lends it a soft luxurious feel.

Coumarin doesn't overcome the problem of cologne's short longevity, but as the only known solution to that is white musk I'd rather just reapply this.

WildGardener 6 years ago

It's just not sport, Sport...
A hard and sharp lemon - citrus cologne with an unpleasant white musk base.
Smells like the wet wipes they hand out on buses in the middle east.

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1/4 out of ten
Almost from the light citrus and peachy debut you become aware of a battery of ominous synthetics waiting in the wings.
Woody and musky odourants creep up on the synthetic indolic jasmin, preparing to blast your nostrils with the perfume equivalent of Chinese lacquer.
It soon becomes repellant; a bitter-sour and slightly sweet, pink plastic thing of insulting cheapness.

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