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Take a fragrance bottle, fill with water and then add a teaspoon of milk and sugar. The result - Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren. Yes it's sweet and clean, but it's very weak and watery as well which is a shame as I really wanted to like this one. It's interesting that this was partly created by the same person who was responsible for the original Polo too as Polo Blue seems to be the exact polar opposite of the powerhouse original. Unfortunately though despite the interesting fragrance notes this really is nothing special.

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If you like your vetiver dry and smoky then this is a must buy for you. It may be vetiver on a budget, but in terms of longevity, silage and sheer quality it can put a lot of scents four or five times its price to shame. Don't let the inexpensive price tag or the rather cheap looking bottle put you off either, as what you do get is a quality scent which can stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the better known vetivers from the big fragrance houses. A big thumbs up from me!

A very citrusy scent with the lemon, orange and juniper notes dominating. There's also an underlying warm, comforting vanilla presence there which just does enough to take the edge off the tartness. Longevity and projection are both impressive as well; especially when price is taken into account as it can be picked up for ridiculously low prices. A surprisingly good fragrance that punches way above it's weight.

Crave is a very light, sweet and synthetic smelling fragrance. No doubt aimed at the younger end of the perfume buying market with it's modern looking plastic bottle that will doubtless intrigue today's gadget obsessed generation. Not my favourite CK scent by a long way, but an ok fragrance all the same that can still be picked up fairly cheaply despite being discontinued.

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To my nose this is a less expensive, more versatile version of Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren. Which is not necessarily a bad thing in my book as Polo Sport is a summer favourite of mine. Unfortunately however, it suffers from the same problem of having very poor longevity and it seems to go A.W.O.L. from my skin after about 3 hours. A shame really as it has the potential to be a very nice 'all purpose' fragrance for the warmer months. Although because it's so inexpensive, you don't need to worry about breaking the bank by having to reapply so often.

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Giving a fragrance a name like Hero gives you the impression that it's going to be some macho, in-your-face, powerhouse that screams 'HERE I AM!!!!' every time that you walk into a room wearing it. This offering from Prince Matchabelli however is a considerably more understated affair that would whisper rather than shout your arrival. Not that that's a bad thing of course, it's just that it's so feeble and fleeting that the need to reapply would unfortunately be a regular one. On the plus side though it's a very clean, green and soapy scent which is fresh and inoffensive. It can also be purchased very inexpensively which is another point in its favour. However as I've already mentioned longevity and projection are appalling, and even though I do quite like it, it is also rather bland and uninteresting compared to a lot of fragrances out there. A regrettable thumbs down I’m afraid.

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Dark - Police

Upon first application you get, to my nose anyway, a very strong liquorice-like aroma. This tends to last 3-4 hours before it then settles down into a very pleasant, sweet, but musky kind of smell. The initial blast can be quite off-putting, but if you give it time, and are prepared to persevere with it then the end results are worth it in my opinion. Especially for a fragrance as inexpensive as this, which also smells quite unique for a scent at this price-point. Definitely a love or hate fragrance though, so be sure to try for yourself before you buy.

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A very fresh and uplifting aquatic fragrance. The name 'Whitewater' seems very appropriate as it feels like you've had a bucket of water thrown in your face when you first apply it! There is also a lovely, sweet medicinal note to it as well which seems to set it apart from other scents of it's kind. Definitely a fragrance which is aimed at the younger generation. Although the 'Old Spice' branding may put members of its target market off as it could be mistakenly interpreted as being 'old fashioned' and 'fuddy-duddy'. This would be a shame as it's a great fresh, summer sporty scent that can be picked up for next to nothing.

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Like most Benetton scents that I've tried this seems to be very one-dimensional and quite cheap smelling. What you get is a strong lemony citrus smell and that's about it. There doesn't seem to be any top to base progression note wise. It is however inexpensive, and longevity is good too which are a couple of points in its favour. I personally see this more as a scent for the younger person. Ideal maybe for someone who's just beginning to show an interest in the world of fragrances. To an older more experienced 'nose' it's probably going to seem to be far too simple and linear.

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Surprisingly good. A very fresh and fruity budget scent which some say is quite reminiscent of Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch. Projection and longevity are also extremely impressive and I tend to get a good 10 hours worth of wear out of it. Which is very good for any fragrance, but when you consider the price point for this it's frankly amazing! Overall a very nice, inexpensive scent suitable for a younger person as a casual / day-to-day scent. And if you can ignore the crass Playboy image, which I suggest that you do in this case, then it is definitely worth a try.

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