YosYos' Perfume Reviews

Performance is very good on this and should last you a full night out with really strong projection. I hear it is quite popular for clubbing, but not as popular as something like Eros or Sauvage so not super unique but not everyone will be wearing it. This is very very sweet though so would only recommend it for playful situations like clubbing. It's good at what it does and is defiantly a crowd pleaser although not my favourite, but I wear it because others will like it.

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I respect that this is very unique to me and most people you meet won't have smelled anything like this. It is the longest lasting fragrance I've ever had with monster projection and longevity. But it just doesn't smell good, it's got a weird smell to it that I can't put my finger on. Definitely not mass appealing everyone I asked said they dislike it (12 people). Some said it smells too feminine for a man but doesn't smell like a female fragrance? Confusing and negative reactions so I got rid of it.
I got this because of an old Jeremy Fragrance video, but after getting it looked at another video of his and the girls on that disliked it too. So in conclusion I would not recommend this.

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Short review: I find this to be very unique (floral but still wearable) with an AMAZING smell and has good lasting power and projection! Very wearable for a niche, most people say dress it up, however I dress casual and it still works for me ???? I'm a young guy and feel comfortable wearing it, however I still think an older guy or a girl could wear this. The only time I wouldn't wear this is with my leather jacket! 9.5/10