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YourfoxinessYourfoxiness 8 years ago
Blue Waltz - Blue Waltz

Blue Waltz Adorable as the bottle!
I found a pair of these cute little bottles forgotten at my local drugstore. I find Blue Waltz to be more of a "blue fuzzy blanket" smell actually. It smells like Johnson's baby shampoo! The old original. Not a heavy powdery scent,...

YourfoxinessYourfoxiness 8 years ago
Back to Black Aphrodisiac (Perfume) - Kilian

Back to Black Aphrodisiac (Perfume) Fb worthy for classy gourmand lovers
I first was able to test a vial of Back to Black, and despite the little dabs I was able to get, it went straight to the top of my want list. A year or so later, and I'm happy with my purchase! On a quick side note, I love the fact...


SeatonicaSeatonica 8 years ago
Glad you're here Foxi!
YourfoxinessYourfoxiness 8 years ago
Hi guys! Just need to get fluent in this site. & I'm excited there's an ipad app! Woohoo!
PipettePipette 8 years ago
Hi, Yourfoxiness, I did not realize you are already here.
FloraMilenaFloraMilena 8 years ago
Hi Yourfoxiness! Just saying hello!
YourfoxinessYourfoxiness 9 years ago
hello all! whats the latest exploration guus? im on a rose kick, and oakmoss at the moment. hope you are well! Eternity; i used to not appreciate chanel's when i was in my teens except for coco mademoiselle, now i find i like more & more. im wanting to broaden my horizons and try the exclusifs line etc.. i love old no 19 because of the green oakmoss & leather but i dont like powdery scents in general. no podure for me! thanks all for the warm welcome!
GuusjeGuusje 9 years ago
Hi there! How are you :D
FlaconneurFlaconneur 9 years ago
Welcome to parfumo, Yourfoxiness.
EternityEternity 9 years ago
Hi Foxy, welcome to parfumo. I guess you like Chanel :-) That is a brand that I really value... all scents are wearable but special at the same time. Have you tested No. 19 Poudré yet? regards :-)
ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
Hello Yourfoxiness, welcome to Parfumo and thanks for joining! Have fun!