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YsbrandYsbrand 7 years ago
Eau de Courrèges (2012) - Courrèges

Eau de Courrèges (2012) Early bird
If they asked me a time frame for Eau de Courrèges it wouldn´t be a season but a time of the day. It is a very nice morning fragance. Not that it is strikingly unique, and maybe that is the reason i associate it with the time of the day when the least...

YsbrandYsbrand 7 years ago
L'orpheline - Serge Lutens

L'orpheline Aether
One thing i noticed in the last times about Serge Lutens is how they are becoming more and more obscure at the time to list the ingredients of their fragances. And i would say it is a trend other niche fragances are following too (i am thinking of LÁrtisan,...


GreysolonGreysolon 7 years ago
YS, your review of Lutens Fleur d'Oranger inspired me to buy a full bottle for myself... ...and my wife. I love reading your reviews, they're always personal and informative.
jtdjtd 9 years ago
Hello, Y. I just saw your note on my Arpege review. Thank you for writing, and I agree. Perfume can be the thin thread that tethers you to such rich memories. I don't just remember a color or a 'snapshot'.' The perfume memory takes me back to how i felt. Best, jtd.
CardaGiorgioCardaGiorgio 9 years ago
¡Muchas gracias por la bienvenida!
FlaconneurFlaconneur 9 years ago
Thanks for your positive response to my review "Burning Leaves" by CB I Hate Perfume. Much appreciated.
SfonativeboySfonativeboy 9 years ago
you are intyerested in IRIS!!!!
take a look at Iris Bleu Gris
by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

now this is a Gentleman's IRIS!!!
I love it flowery powder ..yet very masculine scent ...
and wear it with a crisp sky blue shirt

its great to hear people say... "ahhhhhh... you look and smell good!"
try to get a sample .. if you can't I'll trade a sample with you ....
Franfan20Franfan20 9 years ago
I wouldn't mind if I could call it sellable, but I can't smell that much, so this how it turned out, but glad you like my thoughts. Of course most people who buy it can probably smell at least more and longer :)
DolbyDolby 9 years ago
Thank you for the lovely message on my wall Ysbrand :)
PBullFriendPBullFriend 9 years ago
What a wonderful review of The Dreamer, ysbrand! I hope you will write more reviews!
Franfan20Franfan20 10 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo. Have fun!
ApiciusApicius 10 years ago
Hello Ysbrand, welcome to Parfumo! I with you lots of fun at this site!