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7 Awards
I have to hand it to Cacharel, I think they create very distinctive and unique fragrances which somehow are never copied and never remind of something else, truly original. Like other fragrances by this house Loulou also manages to do the same, represent an era.
Loulou, a sniff and you are in the eighties, this is so obvious. It is a bomb made of spices, flowers, resins and yes the prominent but yet hidden insence, clearly I can't detect any note because the composition is so successful that it is just one smell- it is Loulou.
For a potent perfume like this it would be wiser to use just one spray, it won't make you or the ones around you sick and it does have a great sillage and longetivity overapplied it may not be pleasant. Also I would like to add that this is the type o scent which keeps you warm in winter, it really heatens the skin. Unique! Cacharel I love you!

6 Awards
For years now I have been passing this fragrance by on the stores, I never had any curiosity to try it, though I really love Moschino as a house and I really respect them for their unpretentious, simple and quality creations. So come months earlier I suddenly got my hands in small of bottle of this classic 80's scent, and oh what a pleasant surprise!
I agree that this is spicy and soapy at the same time, a perfect combiination for cold winter days as the spiciness warms you up and the soapiness gives a clean feeling. You can immediately feel this comes from the glorious 80's, it has a loudness, it has a character. I cant feel the floral notes but i believe they are there to subdue the strong spices. I enjoy so much wearing it, probably my most wearable for the last months..
I think I will always have a bottle of it in my collection.

4 Awards
Estee Lauder is a house I don't seem to get along with well, well at least this was the case until Sensuous..
Sensuous is definitely a warm cozy perfume, this two words describe it briefly very correctly. There is a lovely sweetness from the honey, yet it is not at all sickening or nauseating, i think the florals and mostly the woods really soothe it a lot.
The biggest secret in this composition should sandalwood, which I personally enjoy very much, it gives the scennt a different dimension, it makes it more woodier than sweet. Actually I think if you love Samsara, there are big chances you will enjoy this pretty fragrance as well..
I, particularly reach for it whenever it is freezing cold outside and I need something cozy, it is always my first choice, and I enjoy it very much whenever I wear it..
I would also want to add that this one, the original one is the best version of the whole sensuous line, i really didnt care for the patchouli loaded noir..

2 Awards
Now this is a perfume one of a kind!

I usually read that this is a winter day fragrance but for me this is the perfect scent for a sensual summer night in a holiday or beach..The whole composition is so playful, it is like a summer garden near a beach in a bottle. There is the coconut, a dark coconut, a little oily, just like there is a little leftover from your suntan lotion.. Then there are the white flowers blooms, my beloved tuberose with its creaminess, the neroli with its freshness, the gardenia with its exquisit beauty and oh well the juicy cherry from the summer cocktails :). This mix blends and works just perfect.. It becomes one with the skin, so that you think you have always smelled this divine.. and it lasts for hours..
And also here is a tip : You know how cigarette smell runis some scents? Well I started using this one when I was a smoker and the smoke made it even better somehow..
Great job!

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I always want to have a bottle of BBW in my collection. Their perfumes are so easy to wear and usually they are the ones I reach for after a shower.
Tropical Passionfruit is what I posses currently.
Even though we are in the middle of winter I find Tropical Passionfruit pleasantly wearable, it actually smells like exotic scented shampoos. Though I acknowledge and enjoy its clean and freshness, the fruiy tanginess puts me off a bit. This should be a dreamy scent for teenage girls in summer or any fruity floral/sweet scent lovers.. for me, I think I should stick with citruses. Other than that, I am not letting go off my bottle yet..

4 Awards
This is a review of a perfume I once used to love..
L de Lolita Lempicka has one of the prettiest bottles, the sea blue colour and the pretty charms just make it irresistible, so I was drown like a moth to a flame. The initial spray made me happy and exhilirated, it reminded me a lot of christmas time, I am guessing because of the cinnamon and honey notes, totally representing christmas desserts where do I live..and actually have weakness for.. So a little time later when I found a great deal on a bottle I jumped to it, apparently I had made a snap decision.. Becuase all the other times I tried L it failed to lift me up or either comfort me.. Sadly the drydown has too mucb vanilla and it is over sweet for my liking, sometimes making me nauseous.. If it was heavier on bergamot and orange might have been better.
Leaving my personal expirience behind, I can see this perfume to be very appealing to women, it is warm, it is cozy, it is sweet, it is wearable in every occassion in winter. Good idea, pretty bottle, not for me.

6 Awards
In wiinter whenever I see sunshine from my window I am immediately feeling an urge to wear Sicily, when I feel the rays of the cold and bright winter sun on my face I can almost smell Sicily. That is the feeling i get from this very beautiful and distinctive perfume of the 00's.
I could never imagine this perfume was so recent, I get a classic aura from it, it is old school, it smells as a lady should always smell. Ultimately clean, happy, warm not inviting neither cold and distant, it is just right. It is soapy yet it is not harsh at all, it is actually the opposite, very cozy.. I think the key notes here are banana and iris, the fruit soothes it very much.
For me personally this would be in the 10 perfumes i would always want to have in my wardrobe.. It is the happy winter fragrance..
Winter sun, brown leather, orangre trees..

2 Awards
I vividly remember the time when this perfume was out, every magazine had big ads of it and I could fiind samples everywhere..All the perfume stores had its ad posters, so blindingly shiny.. Definitely there was a big publicity over it. At that time I had used a sample and it felt ok, I was so blinded with the shine that whenever I wore it I was kind of feeling like s little star.. But oh well, some time later my father gave me as a christmas present a whole big bottle of it..
So the story took a whole different direction, with a clean nose it started smelling sour to me, the vanilla was nowhere to sweeten the feeling, it was just sour fruits with powder, I tried it so many times, with every kind of weather, I even wore it daily for quite some time but we never got along. The feeling I got from this perfume was just that they wanted to make an extra safe fruity vanilla scent, which are so popular nowadays and every young woman seems to enjoy, then they just paid a super model and a sexy address to do the ad, and that should do the trick.. Sadly I still sniff it in counters some time and I dont change my mind at all. Safe, commercial, and on me bad..

8 Awards
Kenzo Jungle Elephant is in my opinion, the greatest spicy perfume ever created.

I really dislike strong, heady, heavy stuff and yet this fragrance has put a spell on me for years. I love east and I appreciate everything eastern and oriental in the highest level, so just a sniff from this adorable Elephant transfers me to Souks of Maghreb, Tunisia, Istanbul and Arabia, where the stands of spices, sweets and the dry sand of desert mix all together and create this magic cloud of Jungle Elephant.
To my nose this is spicy yet dry, not oily and sweet (two qualities which usually annoy me), the spices selected to create the scent are very well complimenting each other, before reading the notes I could swear I detested cumin but oh well! I could also swear I smell cinnamon and some cloves.. This perfume is amazing in cold winter afternoons, it really warms me up, it creates such a cozy and intimate atmosphere.
Attention though, me as a lover of it I appreciate it a lot, but I know for a fact not so many people agree with this, the sillage is superb and it is a very strong liquid so be cautious when spraying. I also love its name as I really find elephants adorable. Masterpiece!

4 Awards
I am a passionate rose lover and as many fellow rose lovers for a very long time now I am searching for the perfect rose.. And I think my quest is so difficult because I smelled YSL Paris first of all.
This is the classic rose smell, I don't know any other rose which smells so classy, elegant and natural, nothing else I have ever smelt in the rose category, even the pure rose oils manages to give me the rose smell i adore like Paris. Any rose lover should own this, it couldnt disappoint anyone!

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