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cItyparkcItypark 7 years ago
Darling - Miro

Darling Fruitchouli
At the beginning I mostly get passionfruit and guava in the beginning, they both smell orangey together. Patchouli joins in after some time. Last time I also noticed the blackberries but not today. For me it is more of a fruitchouli, not a chypre...

cItyparkcItypark 7 years ago
CK In2U Heat for Her 2010 - Calvin Klein

CK In2U Heat for Her 2010 Tropical aquatic?
In2U Heat Her starts with raspberry, luckily it is not dominant as in some other perfumes, somehow the guava manages to keep it under control. After some time the flowers show up. They are not strong (no indolic jasmine here), rather aquatic, the magnolia...


cItyparkcItypark 9 years ago
Hello Pipette, thank you for your kind words.
PipettePipette 9 years ago
Hello, Citypark, nice name ... welcome to the crazy and fragrant world of the perfumistas.