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cItypark 7 years ago 1

At the beginning I mostly get passionfruit and guava in the beginning, they both smell orangey together. Patchouli joins in after some time. Last time I also noticed the blackberries but not today.

For me it is more of a fruitchouli, not a chypre at all. It lasts for about 5 hours, sillage is stronger in the beginning, but gets to a skin scent level after some time with a patchouli note sweetened by fruit. Ads say it is a perfume reminding of a first love - whatever... in any case it is a light perfume for patch lovers, nice for spring and summer and well wearable for daily wear or going out.

cItypark 7 years ago

Tropical aquatic?
In2U Heat Her starts with raspberry, luckily it is not dominant as in some other perfumes, somehow the guava manages to keep it under control. After some time the flowers show up. They are not strong (no indolic jasmine here), rather aquatic, the magnolia perhaps? In the base I can smell caramel the most, it is not overly sweet though.

This is a nice fruity scent, but nothing special. It is okay for what it is. It can be worn for leisure, I wouldn't wear it for work. It is versatile however and is also good in winter, but it is nothing I would repurchase.

cItypark 7 years ago 2

This is more or less a gingerbread scent, wonderful for winter. Tonka bean is most dominant, but smells modified compared to other perfumes with a strong tonka bean base. Perhaps the myrrh and heliotrope soften it. The citrus notes in the top surely add to the gingerbread vibe but are not noticeable on their own.
BdM stays quite linear, but keeps on going for a long time and is still there after some hours. Good for when you don't have time to eat cake. Did I mention winter already?

cItypark 7 years ago 2

Gone too soon
An Aladdin-style bottle in red - is it already a hint for the content? What can we expect?

Even though citrus notes are in the top MIMMINA RED starts with rosewood, coriander and is soon joined by the sandalwood, a beautiful sandalwood. Then apricot and peach come in and give a more fruity aspect, not sugar fruity, but a thick ripe woody fruity flavour. This goes on strongly for a while but after a few hours you can only smell it when sticking your nose in your arm - too bad because this is a very well done spicy woody sandalwood with a fruit tint.

For me this is more a perfume that is great for going out, for the evening (classical concerts etc.) than for work. It surely will fare well in winter during the day when out and about in the city, it does great on summery Autumn days as well.

cItypark 7 years ago 3

Summer orchard
Due to the name I had expected a lighter and softer version of HALSTON but it is altogether a wholly different perfume that would have deserved a name of its own. What then about the HALSTON line and the bottle form? One would have had to think about that...

HALSTON SHEER doesn't have many notes and it is not a complicated perfume. Last year in the hot July summer I could smell mostly pear and apple blossom and for a long time. The same goes today on that rainy and crisp late Summer day, more like Autumn actually. In my opinion the pear note is not that of a European kind, but like the Japanese nashi pear which is very juicy and watery sweet when ripe. Nashi pear is very refreshing when cooled and the pear note hear smells like this, at least for me. I also could smell the lilac today, it is strong but doesn't push the other notes into the back.

Today I also noticed sandalwood and musk, I couldn't in sub-tropical weather with over 30 degrees last year. Even after 12 hours I still get a small whiff of fruity sandalwood when I stick my nose to my arm, but only then.

HALSTON SHEER is a good Summer perfume, reminding of a walk in an orchard, not too sweet and very versatile. Possibly it is even for people who normally don't favour fruity flowery perfumes.

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