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86 days ago
Gabrielle Chanel by Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel„What would Gabrielle think?”
Chanel says Gabrielle is composed around four classic white flowers: tuberose, orange blossom, ylang ylang and jasmine. They call it, "the perfect white flower." Olivier Polge has called Gabrielle "abstract", an apparent allusion to Chanel's monumental...

86 days ago
Tabu (Eau de Cologne) by Dana

Tabu (Eau de Cologne)„old school”
I had an ah-ha moment when I tried vintage Tabu for the first time. Suddenly Youth Dew, Opium and Coco made perfect sense---they were descendants of Tabu. Perfumer Jean Carles approach seems based on the premise that if the oriental genre is built from forceful materials...

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23 months ago

jtd„Three edc for summer, sort of”
The standard Eaux de Cologne* seem like an obvious choice for summer. Citric, bright, refreshing. They don’t have a lot of duration, but they’re a break from the heat and cast a spell of cleanliness long enough for a first impression if you move very quickly. The traditional EdC is the most democratic of genres. The difference between the $8 bottle of EdC and the $200 bottle is minimal and you can get a bottle at the corner bodega or the nearest Chanel boutique.Most perfume brands have at least...


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I so enjoy your most excellent reviews! Lovely to see you. Welcome back! :)
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Your 'wtf is niche anyway?' article is a great read!!! And sadly also a correct analysis of the current trend.
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Wow! Just took a look at your blog, and it's delightful! I'll definitely be spending some more time over there soon!
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Fabulous to see you here. I still marvel at your reviews, always insightful and vivid.
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