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sebjar 4 years ago

sebjarMy Top 15 Frederic Malle Fragrances Video On YouTube
My Top 15 Frederic Malle Fragrances Video features several fragrances created by Dominique Ropion for Frederic Malle but also includes other very well known perfumers. Well, I have been a fan of Frederic Malle fragrances since I purchased Portrait Of A Lady back 5/6 years ago. I went to our San Francisco Barneys store...

sebjar 4 years ago

sebjarMy Favorite Spring Scents 2018 | My Top 20 Spring Fragrances
It’s almost spring time. The flower will be blooming, the sun will be shining and we are ready for lighter and fresher fragrances, colognes, perfumes or scents to wear this season. This is my Top 20 Spring Fragrances video. My Favorite Spring Scents. If you notice when you are watching this video that not all the fragrances...

sebjar 4 years ago

sebjarMy Top 5 Jovoy Fragrances
This is my Top 5 Jovoy Fragrances video that made it live a few days ago. These are my favorite Jovoy Perfumes. I know I have not sampled every single one of the Jovoy lineup but I have these five and love these fragrances. Jovoy is a French Niche Perfume house from Paris. The name Jovoy comes from Blanche Arvoy who was nicknamed Jo. So the words...