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My Top 5 Jovoy Fragrances

This is my Top 5 Jovoy Fragrances video that made it live a few days ago. These are my favorite Jovoy Perfumes. I know I have not sampled every single one of the Jovoy lineup but I have these five and love these fragrances. Jovoy is a French Niche Perfume house from Paris. The name Jovoy comes from Blanche Arvoy who was nicknamed Jo. So the words Jo and Voy from Arvoy are combined to create the name Jovoy. Jovoy is an old perfume house resurrected in the late 2000s by Francois Henin. I first discovered Jovoy 4 years and immediately fell in love. I first purchased Private Label then Psychedlique then I reviewed Incident Diplomatique and the rest is history. These are my favorite Jovoy Fragrances and Perfumes. What is your favorite Jovoy fragrance?

The Jovoy Fragrances Featured In This Video:
Incident Diplomatique
Private Label
Ambre Premier
La Liturgie Des Heures (The Liturgy Of The Hours)

You can also watch my full fragrance review for Incident Diplomatique here:

Thank you for watching. :)

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