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Bon! not B.O.
I am a very girly girl, and I wear this in Spring, when I want my senses to be on high alert, with everything pert, alive, and *wait for it* organized! Yes, this scent makes you feel organized and focused, as if everything around you is in its proper place. To my nose, DECLARATION is a clean lime romp in the grass. A crisp white wine paired with tart green apples that leaves you salivating... on a man or woman, truly.

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An Easy Lay
An easy lay, this perfume is what I call my "whore lure." It's sex, raw, straight up. The closest I've found to it is (so weird to admit) Boyfriend by Kate Walsh. It's not a dupe, but it's that same "one night stand" mood of a scent.
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Aftershave After
My husband brought a sample of this home for me, so obviously, he was a fan, at least based on the top notes... on paper. Vince Camuto opens with a bright grapefruit, sweet smell, but on the dry down, on me, it smells faintly of men's aftershave, not in a sexy warm way that clings, but on a too clean barbisol note, very "cool" smelling. I had to scrub it off.
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Handbag Spray Needed to Sustain
What I adore most about this scent is how easily it rounds out my perfume wardrobe; it's different from anything I've ever smelled. It's the distinct wooden open, so unique. Beneath the wood is green, almost Bvlgari Green Tea green. My only hesitation in keeping this scent is that it doesn't keep on the skin. It's too close to the skin, and whatever unique wood notes pull me in, leave me hanging, wishing they stuck around longer.

stephaniek 7 years ago

I loved the honey note, but my husband, without skipping a beat, called it like he smelled it: "urine." "Sorry, babe, but that's what I'm getting. Like we'd better look into getting a better nanny. 'cause soon everyone's gonna reek of piss. Hard to argue with that.

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