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valandria 8 years ago 4

Bottled Happiness...
I just love this scent. It makes me incredibly happy that someone captured my entire life of scent in a bottle. I've worn Coppertone suntan lotion all my life, and this is so good and evokes such incredible memories, and yet it's more if that's possible. It's sun, sand, salt, and neroli in a bottle. At the Beach is good in the winter when you are craving summer. At the Beach is good in the spring when you are awaiting that first hint of summer. It's great in the summer too, of course. I have the Absolute and it wears close to the skin. Next purchase will probably be the water version just because of the price point. I don't find a huge difference in the versions myself. This is the scent that launched me on my perfume journey 3 years ago and I personally think CB is a genius.

valandria 8 years ago 5

I like Patchouli...
There. I said it. I grew up during the hippy dippy days and well, I have fond memories of anything patchouli wafting through the air. Midnight Bakula is a nice patchouli based fruity scent. This is not heavy on the boozy fruits like say Badgley Mischka is, but I do smell a nice soft nectarine underneath the patchouli. On my skin, the florals arrive more in the dry down. This has been discontinued by The Body Shop, but is still around on ebay at very reasonable prices. I think it's a great scent and worthy of at least a test if you love patchouli like I do.

valandria 8 years ago 3

Sexy and Gorgeous!
I think Fan di Fendi is sexy and gorgeous. It opens like an 80's big bold fruity floral, with a few similarities to Giorgio, only Fan quickly calms down. I didn't expect to like this so much, but tried it in the store and came back the next day for a bottle. The leather dry down is scrumptious as well. I always seem to get compliments when I wear this.

valandria 8 years ago 5

A tumultuous opening ...
Tumulte opens up on me with an overly sweet yet dirty burnt cotton candy smell. The opening lasts more than an hour. Finally by hour 2, the sweet rose smell comes shining through. To my nose, it is a sweet pink rose. I love this phase quite a lot. Overall lasting power is only 4-5 hours on me and waiting for the rose to emerge is hard because of that opening smell. A fun scent to keep on testing and getting to know. While I love the bottle, I can't justify a purchase of this due to the opening smell.

valandria 8 years ago 9

One of a kind!
There's just nothing else like Trouble being made today. Nothing. I'm so disappointed in all the newly launched scents, that I've slowly been stocking up on Trouble so I'll have enough to last me for a few years. It's creamy, citrusy jasmine done right. It doesn't go soapy or sharp. It's beautiful, sexy and intoxicating - I can't get enough of it. Why oh why do perfume houses discontinue their most amazing creations?! I'll never understand it.

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