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valandria 9 years ago 5
Fabulous and Uplifting!
Eau sOleil goes on like an expensive after sun spray and smells divine. It has a beachy vibe, but not in the typical suntan lotion or sea salt way that we experience with other beachy scents. It is uplifting and happy; I just wish it lasted longer on my skin. As with many of the Parfums de Nicolai scents, it is very well blended. The petitgrain keeps the mix from being too terribly sweet - so this could definitely be worn by either sex. This is a true joy to wear - highly recommended, and I have to say a great niche house as well. I really love that they keep their prices lower.
valandria 9 years ago 4
Not your Great Auntie's violet cologne!
This is a sexy, intoxicating perfume, and definitely not your Great Auntie's type of heavy violet cologne. Thanks to a friend for the sample - I immediately had to have it. I love the sharp opening and the soft violet woody dry down. It lasts most of the day on me, but very lightly as the day nears an end. I love the bottle and the packaging was fabulous as well. A fabulous niche scent that won't break the bank.
valandria 9 years ago 3
So glad I bought a sample first!
I almost did a blind buy on this I wanted it so bad. But then sense prevailed and I ordered a sample first. While I appreciate all the fine ingredients used in this elixir, it ends up smelling like clove oil on my skin. It reminds me a lot of the clove chewing gum smell from a long time ago, too. I'm really glad I got to try this though and I think for lovers of heavy spicy incensey perfumes, you should definitely try this one!
valandria 9 years ago 2
An expensive body spray...
I really like Rem a lot: very refreshing and cool, but I have body sprays that last longer on my skin and cost much less, too. I think this scent would be very good in hot, humid, and tropical climates where you might want to keep in the refrigerator and spritz on several times a day. I pick up some coconut in this, but it could just be me since it's not listed in the notes.
valandria 9 years ago 7
You can run, but you cannot hide...
No good secret agent would wear this because her whereabouts would be discovered immediately! Geranium, tuberose, myrrh and frankincense combined with all the rest make for one bomb of a scent. I haven't been so put off by a perfume in a loong time. Longevity and sillage are excellent because it followed me around for hours after trying to scrub it off. Something in this perfume just didn't mesh with my chemistry at all.
21 - 25 by 30