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LexaLexa 3 months ago
Here i am ,opening the package from you,and i find myself smiling like crazy,and my cats looking weirdly at me,asking probably: hey Mom,you ok?
Thank you,yet again,for another wonderful contact,for the amazing extras which i honestly been looking to test since forever,and for everything that you are : beautiful,kind,generous,sweet.
I am forever in your debt,
With imense love and respect,
NorthernSkyNorthernSky 3 months ago
Thank you so much for the lovely transaction and the extras! :)
LexaLexa 1 year ago
Thank You so much for the most amazing contact i've ever had here. Thank you for your patience and for your class. Thank you for the wonderful conversation and for the smooth transaction. Thank you for your kindness and thank you for YOU.
Enjoy my dear!
Have a wonderful time with 'Him'
Love,Hugs and all my appreciation!
VmfVmf 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for quick and good service and nice extras!!!
DjdaniDjdani 2 years ago
Good communication
Fast shipment
Safe Package 
Extra decants
Great seller !
LexaLexa 3 years ago
Thank you with all my heart for the wonderful swap,i am extremly pleased and i highly recommend you to anyone that wants to do bussiness with you dear friend! I owe you huge! Thank You for everything!
ScensodineScensodine 3 years ago
Thank you for this awesome swap deal and the beautiful samples added!
I would love to swap with you any time or buy from you!
LiisaLiisa 3 years ago
My warmest thanks for these beautiful perfumes and lovely contact! I hope to return some day :-).