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VanAllanVanAllan 23 days ago
Thank you for your wonderful comments on my photos, have a great and healthy New year.
Fresh21Fresh21 25 days ago
For sure, live is ... is ... what ever ... just make any moment to the best one you can. That's it, not more not less, I wish you all the best (small poem for you:) See you 2021(ツ)
2020Antiope2020Antiope 25 days ago
Hello and good morning!
My first pictures with Boucherons Trouble were unfortunately not approved by the system (I had picked out such beautiful motifs with snakes ... ) So I looked for another background and found the fantastic fingernails of a lady who just put her hand on the chest of a young man. Escape impossible ...!
Have a nice day and best wishes! -Isabelle
2020Antiope2020Antiope 1 month ago
Good morning and thank you for your photo visits, I am happy about it!
Hope, you will have a few nice christmas days without stress but with fine meal and good thoughts!
Stay healthy! Best regards -Isabelle
XecutXecut 1 month ago
Thank you very much for your photo visit to the sea and for you kind words:) I was really happy about it! I also wish you Merry Christmas and pleasant and relaxing holidays. Kind regards
Fresh21Fresh21 1 month ago
Hey there,
you are welcome, and I wish you a nice end of this year, too. Hopefully all of us are going to start 2021 with more hope and better conditions anywhere. See you (ツ)
TaisTais 1 month ago
Thanks for the wonderful comment on my picture Evoke for Her - Ajmal, I am truly touched!
Kind regards:
2020Antiope2020Antiope 1 month ago
Good morning!
Thank you for looking at my photos; I am flattered!
Have a nice Sunday and best wishes! -Isabelle
SeejungfrauSeejungfrau 1 month ago
Thank you for your words about my pictures, I am pleased.
VanAllanVanAllan 2 months ago
Thank you for your visits and kind comments on my pictures, appreciated.
DjdaniDjdani 1 year ago
Real friendly and polite buyer. Nice conversations.

Hopefully we can do bussiness in the future again!
ItchynoseItchynose 1 year ago
Thank you for a great swapping experience. I hope we deal again in the future!
Exciter76Exciter76 2 years ago
Hello there and welcome to Parfumo! ☆